Thursday, June 26, 2008

Somewhere Down the Road

Earlier in the week, Jan, Zach and me were in Ocean City with some dear friends. They wanted to watch the slide show that Jon's brother put together for Lindsay's Memorial service.

I thought I was doing better but watching that slide show sure did hurt. Today Laura sent us pictures ... she prefaced her email saying we might now want to open the pictures. I was not going to ... and then I did ... it stinks. I don't quite understand it ... I want to take the pain away from Laura and Jon. I want Tanner to have his best buddy back.

Right now none of this really makes sense, except for trusting in a sovereign God who sees the bigger picture that I cannot quite grasp. Tonight I read Amy Grant's new book, MOSAIC. Laura, you loved Amy as a kid ... I could tell a really funny story about one song you used to sing at the end of our driveway ... but you'd strangle me!

This song was just what I needed to hear -- SOMEWHERE DOWN THE ROAD
So much pain and no good reason why,
You've cried until the tears run dry.
And nothing hear can make you understand.
The one thing you held so hear, has slipped from your two hands.

And you say
Why why why?D
Does it go this way?
Why why why
And all is can say is
Somewhere down the road,
There'll be answers to the questions
Somewhere down the road
Though we cannot see it now
Somewhere down the road
You will find mighty arms
Reaching for you
And they will hold the answers at the end of the road
Yesterday I thought I'd seen it all
I thought I'd climbed the highest wall
But now I see that learning never ends.
And all I know to do is keep on walking
Walking 'round the bend.

Why why why?
Does it go this way?
Why why why?
And all I can say ... all I know to say now is
Somewhere down the road,
There'll be answers to the questions,
Somewhere down the road
Though we cannot see it now
Somewhere down the road
You will find mighty arms
Reaching for you
And they will hold the answers at the end of the road.
(Amy Grant)
I miss you, Lindsay Bear!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A Smile That Can Brighten Your Day

Oh, how I long to see her smiling back at me with those big blue eyes. Her smile could sure light up a room or anyone's bad and gloomy day. I was just looking through pictures and seeing her smile and her really silly smiles makes me smile. But also makes me miss her even more. I wish I could share every picture we have of her with everyone but I think I will share a few.

We have a new skylight in our bathroom now. The other day Tanner was going potty and I siad something to him about how pretty the sky was with the new skylight. He then asked if Lindsay could see in our new skylight and I told him she sure could. He then became silly and asked if she could see his new spiderman underwear. That made me smile and say yes she could and then we both laughed. Tanner makes me smile when he remembers Windsay and all the fun things they did together. I know that when he talks about her sometimes he gets a big smile on his face. So when you are having a sad and gloomy day just look at these pictures of Lindsay because I know she will bring a smile to your face. I can just see her on Jesus's lap smiling at him and making him smile as well!!!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Weeping At Night But Joy Comes In The Morning

That's how I was feeling last night was very weepy. Wondering why God had to take her from us and what did we do that she had to go to heaven. I was wanting to hold her close, see her smile, hear her say Daddy and Mommy, let Tanner play with her, and the list goes on. But then I had to stop and remember that God took her for a reason. I sure wish we would knew sometimes why but we just have to trust Him. Then this morning I woke up and felt a little more joy in remembering all the happy times we had and that makes me smile. I have put some pictures of Lindsay by the kitchen sink so that every time I wash dishes I can see her smiling back at me. She is missed so much in our house and we love her and miss her more each and every day.

We got this card today and I want to share it with you.

As you go through this.....

Difficult things can cause us to ask,

"Why did this happen?"

we never need to ask,

"How could He let this happen?"

God may reveal

all His reasons to us,

but He has revealed

His character to us.

His character assures us that

He never makes mistakes,

is never uncaring,

and that He never separates Himself

from our need.

The need you face is great,

but the grace that is yours

in Christ is even greater.

May your heart and your faith

stay fixed upon Him

as you go through this difficulty.

Be assured that He is holding your hand and will NEVER let it go!!

I was so encouraged after reading this card. How fitting this was to get after last night. Thank you Aunt Connie and Uncle Bob Wood for this card!! Thank you Lord for never letting go of our hands!!

Monday, June 16, 2008


Thank you for praying for Jon, Laura and Tanner as they went through the first of many diffiuclt "special" days. While it was a very emotional time for all of us, the kids were strong and I know that God's grace is what helped them to get through Lindsay's first birthday.

The blog went over 44,000 hits sometime last night. We know that many of you are still checking the blog on a regular basis, but please, don't just visit, write a note to the kids. Your words of encouragement are so much needed as they walk through their time of grief.

I am humbled and happy to announce that the Board of Trustees of America's KESWICK have established a memorial fund in Lindsay's memory, and the fund will be used to refurbish our aging playground. There is a team of folks that are in the process of developing a new playground that will be dedicated in Lindsay's memory. Our Board Chairman, Howard Bateman, has named the new playground, LINDSAY BEAR'S GARDEN.

If you would like to make a donation to the project, make your check payable to AMERICA'S KESWICK and designate it for the playground. You can send your check to:

America's KESWICK
601 Route 530
Whiting, NJ 08759

We will keep you posted on the progress.

Have a great day!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day Daddy, Pop-Pop, Grandpa

Happy Father's Day! Today I am sure will be another hard day for us all. Lindsay's birthday was hard enough but we all got through it. We had a pizza party and then let off 13 balloons into the sky. We attached little pieces of paper to them saying that if they land in your yard to write on the blog. We sang Happy Birthday to her as they went up into heaven. I hope she was watching them fly. When we were letting them go there was some clearing in the sky where you could see some blue. So I think she was wacthing all the pretty balloons.

Jon, Thanks for being the best Daddy to Tanner and Lindsay. They love you more than you know and look up to you. God has given them to us and I am so glad he chose you and I to be there parents. Always remember that even though Lindsay is in heaven that she will always be Daddy's little girl and your Lindsay bear.

Dad W, Thanks for being the best Pop-Pop to Tanner, Lindsay, Emma, Ethan, Sam, they could ever have. They all love you and adore you. We are all thankful that God has given them such a great Pop. Thanks for all you do for all of us by loving and supporting us. Thanks also for being the best Dad to the rest of us.

Dad G, Thanks for being the best Grandpa to Tanner, Lindsay, Ariel, Isaac. They love and adore you more than you know. We are thankful that God has given them a Grandpa like you. Thanks for being such a great Dad to all the boys and to us girls. Thanks for all your wisdom and for all your love in supporting us all.

Just think what a day Lindsay is having with our heavenly Father. And she is getting to spend Father's Day with all our Grandpa's in heaven.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Lindsay Bear

Well the sun is shining here in New Hampshire. I so wish that Lindsay were here so we could have a big party with lots of balloons and cake. But she is having a bigger party in heaven today. I again wish heaven had skylights so we could all see her party with Jesus. Just before Lindsay was born my thinking had changed that she was a boy. But when she came out and Dr. Mulder said it was a girl I didn't believe him. We were so surprised and so happy to have a little girl. She was a joy from the minute she was born. Her smile lit up a room and her bear hugs were the best and she had her daddy's blue eyes. Lindsay Bear Mommy and Daddy and Tanner miss you so much and we love you so much. We hope your birthday in heaven is really special today. We will never forget you and who you were and not a day will go by that we won't think about you. Happy Birthday Lindsay!!!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Two Years Ago Tonight

Two years ago today Jon and I were at Luverne Community Hospital settling in and getting excited about baby # 2. We were excited to see if the baby was going to be a boy or a girl. I had a dream that we were having a girl but was stilling thinking that it would be a boy. Little did we know that God had already had his plan for Lindsay and her life. As I sit here and think about her it makes me miss her so much. I am wishing she was here so we could have a party for her and help her celebrate her special day. I wonder what it's like in heaven to have a birthday. I am sure she will have the best birthday she has ever had. Tomorrow is going to be a hard day as we remember her and the day she entered this world. But knowing that she left this world and woke up in the arms of Jesus is the best gift she gets on her birthday! Thanks Lord for giving us Lindsay for the 24 months we had her. Lindsay was born at 12:09 a.m. and weighing 7lbs 5oz and was 21 in long.

She's Got Her Father's Eyes

The past few days I have been thinking about Jon and Lindsay and was reminded of an old Amy Grant song, MY FATHER'S EYES. Looking at pictures of Lindsay, you can't help but notice that she has her Daddy's eyes!
Jon of all the Dad's God could have given Lindsay, he chose the best when he chose YOU! He knew she'd need a special Daddy, and He gave her one that Lindsay could look at because you have your Heavenly Father's eyes!
I have found myself humming through Amy Grant's song, My Father's Eyes
I may not be every mother's
dream for her little girl,
And my face may not grace the mind
of everyone in the world.
But that's all right,
as long as I can have one wish I pray:
When people look inside my life,
I want to hear them say,
She's got her father's eyes,
Her father's eyes;
Eyes that find the good in things,
When good is not around;
Eyes that find the source of help,
When help just can't be found;
Eyes full of compassion,
Seeing every pain;
Knowing what you're going through
And feeling it the same.

Just like my father's eyes,
My father's eyes, My father's eyes,
Just like my father's eyes.

And on that day when we will pay
for all the deeds we have done,
Good and bad they'll all be had to see by everyone.
And when you're called to stand and
tell just what you saw in me,
More than anything I know, I want your words to be,

She had her father's eyes, Her father's eyes;
Eyes that found the good in things,
When good was not around;
Eyes that found the source of help,
When help would not be found;
Eyes full of compassion,
Seeing every pain;
Knowing what you're going through,
And feeling it the same.

Just like my father's eyes,
My father's eyes, My father's eyes,
Just like my father's eyes.
My father's eyes, My father's eyes,
Just like my father's eyes.
When Lindsay closed her eyes on this side of heaven and opened them in heaven, looking into the face of Jesus, I think she just might of said, "I know you! You've got my Father's eyes!" We love you, Jon.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

If Heaven Had Skylights

I was sitting at the computer the other day thinking about Lindsay and missing her. I then began wishing that heaven had a skylight so that I could look up and see what she is doing. Or simply hear her talk to me and how she has grown. I am sure she is having a great time playing and meeting new friends her age. I bet all our grandparents are taking care of her and telling her stories. We miss Lindsay so much and look forward to one day having Jesus putting her back into our arms. I miss her hugs, her smile, her laughter, and everything about her. Mrs. Jager has told us to always keep Lindsay's memory alive and always talk about her in the present not in the past. I have been trying to do that every time I talk about her. God has been showing us how her little life is changing people and that is exciting to see. To know that our baby girl has touched so many lives and she is still doing that is amazing. Dad W told me the other day that Lindsay's book is still being written.
So if heaven had skylights I hope she is watching us and smiling. Lindsay, Mommy misses you more than you know and I love you so much!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Lindsay Keeps Speaking

I thought you'd be encouraged to hear how Lindsay's life keeps speaking volumes:

Dear Bill,
I was asked to write an article for the TCF newsletter for Redlands about my feelings as I walked through Lindsay's illness and ultimate death with you.

The article will be sent to about 250 Christian, Jewish, and non-Christian bereaved families as well as area professionals. I wanted to share this article with you. I hope you like it.


I remember the moment vividly. We were driving toward Kansas when my cell phone rang. It was Bill, the Executive Director of America’s Keswick where we spend our summers. On April 7 his 22 month old granddaughter Lindsay had undergone open heart surgery. I had just read on her blog that morning that she was doing much better and had even taken a short ride in a hospital wagon. However, as I heard Bill’s voice, I knew something was terribly wrong. Bill explained that Lindsay had experienced cardiac arrest just shortly before he called on April 15. The medical staff was able to revive her, but, of course, the situation was critical. For the next month, the family experienced the typical roller coaster that many of us have gone through. One day Lindsay was showing improvement, the next moment Lindsay would have a set back and her condition was dire. On May 16 Lindsay went to Heaven with her family present. Her pain was over, but her family’s forever pain was just beginning.

Have you noticed how detailed my report is? I sound like a bereaved parent, don’t I? Well, of course, you know that I am a bereaved parent, and I felt like a bereaved parent as we walked through this difficult journey with Bill’s family. I remember the dates of the significant events just as her family would.

Mostly, I remembered…. I remembered the shock, the pain, the prayers, the confusion, and the frustration of the roller coaster…all of the emotions that a bereaved parent goes through.

I also remember my prayer, Dear Lord, Please don’t let Lindsay die. I know the pain, and I know the journey the family will have to walk. Father, I don’t think I can handle the pain I will see in the family’s eyes.

Does that sound like a selfish prayer? Perhaps it was, but I have been there. I know the journey the family will walk through. Oh, how I wish I didn’t know. I describe someone who has experienced the loss of a family member as one who has lost their innocence. I don’t want any of my friends to qualify for that description.

As my three children died, I prayed the same prayer each time, Don’t let this be wasted. I have had a chance to talk with some of Lindsay’s family and to share my books with them. My boys will be remembered as I share my story and what I have learned along the way. Their lives have not been wasted.

While I never want anyone to experience the pain of losing a child, I am grateful that I can be available to take their hand and say,







A STEP IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION, By Marilyn Willett Heavilin, July, 1995
This article was written in memory of Lindsay Alice Groen, June 14, 2006 to May 16, 2008

Friday, June 6, 2008

Lindsay's Legacy Continues ...

Yesterday we had our monthly hymnsing at America's KESWICK with 560 attendees. I had the opportunity to share Lindsay's story with them at the end of the session, and afterwards 12 senior citizens prayed to receive Christ as their Savior.

I cannot even remember how many people came up to me to share how they had been praying for Lindsay and the kids.

Robert and Joyce Hayes are a vital part of our ministry. Robert recorded a lullaby CD that all of our grands use when they go to bed. One of the precious songs they have recorded and share in their concerts is a poem written by Patty Fischer:

This Side of Heaven

This side of heaven there are some things I simply will not know
When I will ask the question, "why?" and no answer can be found.
When dreams are dashed and plans are spoiled,
And I don't understand, I'll trust in His unchanging grace
And rest within His hand.

One day I'll stand before His throne,
And worship at His feet.
That day He'll make his purpose known,
and I will be complete.
For in that moment I will know,
His plan for me was given.
Not for my brief stay here on earth,
but for my home in heaven.

For even as I'm struggling through,
Life's brutal dessert heat,
He floods me with amazing grace,
and fills my heart with peace.

This darkened side of heaven's doors
He'll fill with glorious light,
Revealing His great master plan
and there'll be no more night.
Until that day, I'll walk by faith
His purposes are best,
His love and grace have planned my life
And in that truth I'll rest.
Patty Fischer

Lindsay, we love you and miss you so much!

Monday, June 2, 2008


Today is Jon's first day back to work. Please be praying for both Jon and Laura as this is a difficult day of transition.

We continue to hear stories of how Lindsay's life has impacted people. If you would like to share your story, please email it to me so that I can post it on the blog:

May God bless you.