Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Perfect Heart For Tanner

We are praising God today that Tanner's heart is perfect and nothing is wrong. His heart murmur is an innocent one and she doesn't need to see him again!!!! The doctor said that the echo pictures were beautiful and so was the EKG. We felt totally peace through out his appointment and we can't thank you enough for praying for him and for us. I had a hard time for a little bit but I was able to pull myself together and stay calm. Everyone that took care of Tanner today took care of Lindsay. And let me tell you they have not forgotten about her. Dr. Gauthier was bursting at the seams when she came into talk with us. The first thing she said was everything is awesome. We are so thankful that nothing is wrong. I have to admit that when we got the news I was a little sad that we didn't get the same news for Lindsay. I know that God's plan for her life is different than Tanner's but it still hit home for me. God still cares for us even though we now how to live the rest of our lives with out her. But I still sit and wonder what she would be doing, what she would look like, how she would be with Case and I could go on. Today at MOPS one of our Moppets workers came up to me and asked how many children I had. She had no idea about Lindsay but I of course was happy to tell her about her. A little while later she came back in the room to talk. She looked at me and said I am so ready to go home. And then she said when I do I will be sure and run to find Lindsay and scoop her up and put her on my knee and take good care of her. Well I about lost it after hearing that. This lady loves little kids and has the best time sitting and holding them or playing with them. I know I look forward to that day to but until then I will cherish all the memories we have with her. She will always be our little Lindsay Bear!

While we were there we were told that Baby Micah was going back to Boston. Please be praying for him and his family. You can follow his blog on the right hand side.

Again we thank you all for your love, support, and most of all prayers. As I sat last night and read all the message from family and friends my heart was soaring knowing that so many of you still follow us and still pray. I don't know what I would have been like today without you all being behind us. Thank you, Thank you. Most of all thank you Lord for being with us today as well as Tanner. Thank you for his perfect heart that you created. And thank you for giving us Lindsay and letting her be apart of our lives for the short time she was with us. Give her lots of extra hugs and kisses for us today. Amen!!!