Monday, April 28, 2008

Monday Afternoon Update

Here is the latest update on Lindsay:

Tomorrow afternoon they are scheduling open heart surgery. Dr. Myer is going to go back in a see if he can further repair the mitral valve or have to replace it. He will also try and do a bypass to hopefully get better blood flow to the heart. The procedure will be 5-6 hours in length and is obviously very risky. Of all the options available, this seems to be the most viable, though he repeatedly said that it is very, very risky.

The infection is still an issue and that is a cause for concern. They are planning to remove the ECMO cannulaes from the heart to either the neck or through the groin. This will enable the chest to have time to heal and rest.

I will let you know the exact time so you can be praying. Pray for the surgical team as they prepare and work through the different scenarios. The seriousness of the situation and the potential outcomes are obviously making it very stressful for Laura and Jon. Thanks for standing with us in prayer.

Monday morning update

Lindsay had a good night and her EKG was better. The plan at the moment is to do another "clean and rinse" this morning and to insert a vent into the heart to help with her pressures. They are getting together the "revascularization" team (hope Donna Bitler is impressed!) to decide when/if they will do the bypass surgery. I will put more pictures on later today for you.