Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Tuesday evening update

Today started out as one of discouragement, but the Lord has given us some hope this evening.

Lindsay's response to the change in ECMO machines has been very favorable, and the increased blood flow is awesome. Her heart did work on it's own, but she needed some medication to control her blood pressure.

The bronchial scope was good and didn't show any major concerns. Praise the Lord.

Please continue to pray for Tanner. Jon and Laura had to sell their calves today because Lindsay cannot be around livestock after the transplant. Tanner and Lindsay became very attached to the calves in the short time that they had them. We still marvel at how well he has done being three and at the hospital all but one or two days.

Pray for a good night's rest for Laura, Jon, Tanner and Jan.

Thanks for all your prayers and words of encouragement.

Late Afternoon Update

Here is the latest ...

The bronchial scope was not going to be done until 3:30 PM. The plan was NOT to change the ECMO tube and put it in the neck, but to put her on a larger ECMO machine which would increase the flow. Putting her on the larger machine would mean that HER heart would have to do the work for six or seven minutes. That would give them some time to evaluate what HER heart can do.

Laura sounded much more upbeat on the phone this afternoon which is an answer to your prayers.

As I hear information, I will get it on the blog. Thanks!

Tuesday Afternoon Update

Here is what I know at this point:

1. They are calling the infection a "fungal" infection and working hard at treating it with the right medications.

2. They are contemplating moving the ECMO tube from the chest to the neck.

3. At 1:00 PM they were do a scope of the lung through the nose to see what was happening in the lungs.

4. The Berlin heart has been shipped, but I am not sure that they can do that procedure until the infection is cleared up.

Jan said that Laura was really discouraged today. I think that is where we all are at the moment. It doesn't change our confidence in our great God, but our "human" side sometimes gets in the way.

I know what a blessing it is for me to see your comments, so know that for the kids, it means so much. I know that hundreds of people are visiting the site. If you haven't left a message, please do so. Type your message and sign your name in with your message and then click the button marked "anonymous."

Mid-morning update

Jan just called and said the infection seems to be worse. They are looking at something with the lung now, so she requested prayer. I will keep you updated as I get information.

Tuesday Morning Update

"But those who wait for the Lord [who expect, look for, and hope in Him] shall change and renew their strength and power; they shall lift up their wings and mount up [close to God] as eagles [mount up to the son]; they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint, or become tired." Isaiah 40:31 -- The Amplified Bible

This is my prayer for Laura, Jon, Tanner, Warren & Phyllis and Jan for today. I could really sense the weariness in their voices this morning when I called for the update.

Late last night they had to do a procedure to further check out the chest and infection. The doctors called the kids for a consent to proceed and then called back to say that everything went well.

We praise the Lord that Morrah (not sure of the spelling) is her nurse today. She is super and was with Lindsay right after her open heart surgery.

The infection is in her blood and will require stronger antibiotics. The infection is more serious than what they first suspected yesterday. They are also needing to change another one of the tubes today.

Needless to say, the battle is going to be long and intense. Would you join me in praying not just for healing, but for strength for today for the family.

I don't want to sound like a broken record, but please know that your prayers and encouragement on behalf of Lindsay is much appreciated. Thank you!