Monday, July 13, 2009

Case Is A Month Old!!

Today Case is a month old already. It seems like he took so long wanting to come into the world and it's been a month since he has been here already. He is a growing boy and has been a very good baby. At his last check up he was 11 lbs 9 oz and was 23 inches long. He was been pretty much sleeping through the night now which has been nice. He has just started to really focus on our faces and will give us a few smiles to. Seeing him smile can brighten my day in a instant. Tanner has been great with him and will often during the day talk to him or just check on him. They are going to be best buds when Case gets older. Tanner will often talk about the things he is going to teach Case.

I was rocking Case the other day and really thinking and missing Lindsay. I often will talk to Case about his big sister and how much she loves him. I miss her so much lately and especially with Case being here now. She would be his little mother I am sure and she would take good care of him. I am sure she is watching his every move from heaven. Lately I sit and think back to a year ago and still wonder why God needed her more. If we could just have another day with her, another chance to hold her, see her smile, and watch her with Case. Then I remember that God knew this was going to happen and nothing can change that. I look forward to when Case gets older to telling him all about her and showing him all the pictures and videos we have of her. Even though he will never know her (which breaks my heart) I want him to know how special she was and is to all of us. I hope the same thing for all of Lindsay's cousin's as well.
Thanks for continuing to pray for all our heart baby friends. Lindsay Dean is doing great and getting better everyday. Keep praying for all of them.

Happy One Month Birthday Case! Daddy, Mommy, Tanner, and Lindsay are so happy to have you apart of our family. We love you very much and we look forward to watching you grow. Thank you Lord for this healthy baby boy you have given to us!