Saturday, April 26, 2008

Saturday Afternoon Update

Greetings from Children's Hospital Boston. My brother, George, and sister-in-law, Joan, planned a trip up here to see Lindsay, so Zach and I hitched a ride which surprised Jan since tomorrow is our 34th wedding anniversary.

They did another clean and rinse this morning and there is still an infection in the chest. The infection has ruled out using the Berlin heart for the moment, so there is a good possibility that on Monday they may attempt to do the bypass surgery.

It was hard for me to see Lindsay Bear with so many tubes and medications, and to finally see what the ECMO was all about. She has wonderful care here.

I had the opportunity to eaves drop on a conversation that the ECMO technician
(Julie) had with Laura. I was moved to tears to hear the nurse say how she couldn't believe how well Laura and Jon were handling this situation. Laura gave a strong, clear testimony of how God is sustaining them and told her of the thousands of saints praying for Lindsay.

I am guess my prayer request for everyone today is that we would see God so something so extraordinary that the nurses and doctors will be WOWED to pieces!

Thank you for your prayers and support. Keep those notes, cards, and prayers coming. We love you.

Saturday Morning Update

Lindsay had a good night and she is doing better with her fluids. The infections seem to be under control. There is a slight possibility that they will attempt to do the heart bypass surgery on Monday. Please continue to pray for wisdom.

We appreciate you! Thank you for sharing your comments and encouraging the kids.