Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Vacation 2009

We recently went on vacation to Gordonsville, VA and had lots of fun. We sure missed Lindsay and wished she was with us to enjoy all the fun we had. We took tons of pictures and made lots of memories. We would like to share them with you.

I am sorry that I haven't been writing as often as I would like to. Life is busy these days with a baby and an almost 5 year old. I will write again in a few days as I have a lot on my mind to share. We are wanting to start another round of Lindsay Baskets soon. So if you are interested in helping again please let me know. We found out than an Explore Girls Group in PA will be helping us this time. They will do this as there special project for the year. I have added another name to our heart family list. Please pray for Jessica who is struggling and could use our prayers. We also have a family from church whose little boy Micah will be having open heart surgery at Children's Hospital Boston on November 4, 2009. We are hoping to get to visit them while they are there. I will keep you updated on little Micah. So far he is doing well and gaining lots of weight which is hard for a heart baby to do.
We hope you are all enjoying this beautiful fall weather we are having. The colors here in New England are so beautiful. I wonder what they look like from heaven and if only we could get a glimpse.

Love to each and everyone of you,
Jon, Laura, Tanner, Case