Sunday, February 2, 2014

Girly Things

Lately doing girly things with Sydney has been so much fun. I sadly forgot how fun girls can be and what they love. By doing all these things with Sydney it has made me sad to think of all that I have missed with Lindsay. I wonder what she would have liked or been into now, what her favorite color would have been, how long her hair would be, would she still like playing with babies. Maybe she hasn't missed anything and has all these fun things in heaven. One can only wonder what her days are like in heaven. I am sure by far the best thing would be sitting at the feet of Jesus listening to him speak. Oh if only there were little windows in heaven for just a little glimpse.
Sydney has been into Minnie and Mickey Mouse big time lately. She has many Minnie's and she loves them all. She also likes playing babies and loves to have them wrapped up in blankets and being a little Mommy to them. She likes to wear pretty dresses and pretty things in her hair (when she keeps them in). You will often hear her say to Jon and the boys look at my pretties. She loves to wear things on her head like her sister used to. You will often find her wearing one of Daddy's hats or underwear (which is always clean). She has started lately to talk a lot which has been so much fun and often very funny. She melts my heart every time she looks at me with her big blue eyes. Oh, and I love to dress her up in cute clothes to. I think she is going to like princess stuff to. I have just recently introduced her to the Cinderella movie. She told me the other day that she was the princess. She will often run to the boys when they are hurt or crying and ask them in this soft little voice if they are ok. I love her!!! And I miss my Lindsay Bear!!

Here are some of the things I have been enjoying;
This was some of her Minnie Christmas gifts.
Her hair is long enough in the back for piggies.
Today we put her Minnie tatoos she got in her stocking. She loves them.

Being so very cute in Daddy's hat.

Notice all her bags :)

Yes that is under wear on her head.

Dressed really cute. I will admit that we often text Aunt Julie pictures of her outfits to make sure they look cute or go together.
If this doesn't melt your heart. My girls :)

Sorry for all the pictures but they she is so cute. My phone is over loaded with pictures and videos of her. I will try and share some videos of her next time because they are so cute.
I meant to post this around Christmas time but forgot about it. These were my thoughts at that time and my emotions were running very high.
Yesterday we opened gifts with the kids since we won't be home for Christmas. We were able to have my parents on Skype so they could watch. Christmas this year is all new again for Sydney and she loved opening all her gifts while sitting on Daddy's lap. She got excited about each and every gift she opened. After we were done I stood and watched her walk around proudly wearing her new Minnie mouse boots, and shirt on. She looked so cute and was thrilled with what she was wearing. All of the sudden it hit me how much we have missed each year with Lindsay. I will admit that I broke down in uncontrollable tears for a while. Grieving for her from the depths of my soul and longing for her. I know that we have missed her so much but I am sure that she hasn't missed a thing that we are doing. She has the best seat in the house and I am sure she was proudly smiling down on us and her brothers and sister. It has been so much fun to have a girl in the house again and watch all the cute things she does, says, and how she acts with her brothers. I had to call my Mom through my sobs and just thank her for giving Sydney all the girly stuff.
Christmas has always been my favorite holiday and it makes me think of Christmas's past and all the family we always had around.Some of those family member have passed away and get to spend Christmas in a way that one day we will all to. I know I can't wait to be with Lindsay, Mema, Pop~ Pop Welte, Nanny, Bebe, Richie, Grandpa and Grandma Groen, Grandpa and Grandma Burgers, Mr, Steve, Van, and my list can go on and on. I can only imagine the feast that they  would have with Mema's fruit cup, Nan's stuffing, and all the other fixing we would have. I wrote this before Christmas but thought I needed to add it to this post since it goes along with what I wrote above.

I thought this video would work but it won't. I can't figure out how to delete it. Sorry