Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A Family In Need Of Prayer

My Dad sent me an email this monring of a family who comes to Keswick who is in need of our pryaers. Brett and Tracey Zimmerman's little boy Ezra who was born on June 17,2009 passed away on Sunday Sept 6. Please join us in praying for this family. As I sat and feed Case a few minutes ago I began to pray for this family. The pain of losing a child is so hard and we know all to well what they are going through. My Mom told me on the phone today that she was praying for this family and an image popped into her head. It was of Lindsay sitting on Jesus lap reaching out for baby Ezra then Lindsay held him in her arms and cuddled him. WOW!!! What an awesome image that was and how true it is. I could picture in my mind the same thing after she told me about it. I am sure that Lindsay will take such good care of Baby Ezra just like he was her brother.

Lord, We ask that you surround the Zimmerman family today with peace. Hold them in your ever loving arms and be with them. Thank you for your promise that one day soon we will be renited with Lindsay and with Ezra. Thanks for joining us in praying for the Zimmerman family!