Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Tuesday evening update

The nurses have all asked to put on the blog to pray for Lindsay's lungs. They were a little mucousy today, and they will not be able to put in the Berlin Heart until the lungs are cleared up.

So please pray specifically for the lungs!

PS -- Your cards are arriving!!!

Boots are made for walkin' and Wheels in Motion

Lindsay just got fitted for orthopedic boots to help her feet and calves since she has been lying in bed for a month. Check them out.

Dr Mayer was in to tell us the wheels are in motion for the Berlin Heart. Several prayer requests for you to take before the throne.

1. Lindsay's lungs need to be in better shape in order to switch over to the smaller vent and then to take over with little or no assistance after the Berlin is put in. This is the most importatnt right now.

2. After the Berlin arrived several weeks ago, it was shipped back since the infection was so severe. It needs to arrive back again.

3. Keeping her urine output is very important. She has been doing that on her own today but that needs to continue. 4. The rest of her organs need to stay in good shape before surgery.

Tuesday morning update


Well family and friends, here is some great news. "Output" is still good. The infection appears to be under control. The transplant team is meeting today to discuss moving forward with the Berlin heart!!! Yippee!!


The good news is that the Berlin heart appears to be becoming a reality. The surgery comes with major risks as it is another open heart surgery. Bleeding can be an issue. She will need to remain on ECMO for a period after surgery to support the lungs.

All that being said -- I believe we have many reasons to rejoice. Tomorrow it will be a month since the first surgery! Hard to believe! What a journey we have been on together. How we praise God for your standing, sitting, kneeling, in prayer to our great and powerful GOD!

I will keep you posted throughout the day.