Thursday, June 4, 2009

Please Be Praying For Lindsay Dean

I just checked Lindsay's blog a few minutes ago and she is finally getting her new heart. We are so excited for her and her family. She has been waiting for this heart for a long time and tonight is her night. I would encourage you to keep checking her blog and pray for the entire team that will be working on her as well as her parents and family. Please also pray for the donor family that has given this little girl a perfect heart as I am sure they are hurting. I will try and update when I hear something new. I know she has lots of angels up in heaven cheering for her. This family has become special to us in so many ways.

Lord, we ask you to be with all the people involved with Lindsay's surgery that you will guide their hands as they put this perfect heart in. We pray for Susie and JR as they wait for more good news. Comfort them and surround them with peace that only you can give them. We also ask that you be with Lindsay and that her little body will accept this new heart that she has been given. Be with the donor family now as they have lost a loved one. Comfort them and hold them close as they go through this difficult time. We give you all the praise and look forward to seeing what you have in store for Lindsay and her family. In Jesus name Amen.