Sunday, April 27, 2008

Sunday evening update

Tonite's report was that the surgeon was pleased with Lindsay's numbers and that she was resting very comfortably. We have not receieved any definitive word about the surgery tomorrow, so we will let you know as soon as we get word.

The kids took us to Bertucci's for dinner tonight with my brother and sister-in-law and Warren and Phyllis. It was a nice celebration of our 34th anniversary, but we really missed Lindsay Bear and wished she could have been there.

This is a picture of the ECMO machine (Heart and Lung) which is really important in Lindsay's recovery.

Sunday Afternoon Update

Lindsay's infection is getting better and her numbers are all improving.
We are waiting to hear a confirmation on her bypass surgery tomorrow.
The surgery would be 5-6 hours barring no complications. This does not rule out the possibility of her being able to have the Berlin heart or the transplant, but if it works, could possibly help with her heart.
Shea, the nurse caring for Lindsay today, is on the transplant team, and gave us some good information. Pray for wisdom for the team.

Another baby passed away this afternoon. We were able to get a copy of Marilyn Heavilin's book, ROSES IN DECEMBER into their hands. Pray the Lord will use Marilyn's story to be an encouragement. (Check out Marilyn's website: to find out more about her story and ministry.)

Thanks for praying.

Sunday morning update

Good morning on this Lord's day. Thank you for your faithfulness in checking the blog. Since last Saturday, there have been 5700+ visitors to Lindsay's blog site. That is so encouraging.

Last night the mood was very somber back in Lindsay's room. She is still fighting the infection in her chest and they were having trouble with fluid build up both in her body and in the left side of the heart. Part of the challenge is that they were removing fluids through ECMO which meant her kidneys were not doing as much of the work. They were trying to increase her blood pressure to jump start her kidneys. They talked about the possibility of going in last night to but in a vent to drain the fluid in the heart.

Can I ask you to join us in praying today that the Lord will give us some encouragement? Please pray for on-going strength for Laura and Jon. We are now coming up to beginning the 4th week. Laura and Jan have not left the hospital since the day of surgery.

Thank you again for the many of you who have prayed and encouraged us. We love you.