Tuesday, September 13, 2016

And then they were 10

It is hard to believe that in June Lindsay would have been 10 and Sam and Emma just turned 10 this week. Crazy to think how fast your kids grow up. What a joy it is to watch each year come and go. To look back and see how much they have grown in 10 years and how they have changed so much. For me that is a different story than some. I have missed so much, I have missed those fun milestones. I could sit here and be very angry and bitter about it and sometimes I am but instead I choose to sit and watch my niece Emma and my nephew Sam who are the same age as Lindsay grow up, I will admit that sometimes it is hard and that tears will flow when their birthdays come around but I know that Lindsay is right there with them each year. She has the best seat in the house to watch over them. It is crazy to look back at the pictures we have with the 3 of them when they were little and to think back then we had no idea that I would be sitting here now without her. They would be turning 10 without Lindsay. Instead I get to sit here and be thankful for each year that they celebrate. Even though we are miles apart they each hold a very special place in my heart.  I am thankful that Julie and Garrett, Josh and Jenny get to celebrate them each and every year.
Happy 10th Birthday Emma and Sam!!!!!!!!

This is the picture I was talking about.

Here is Emma and Sam now
I am so thankful that God has chosen me to be there Aunt. I am thankful that I can rejoice in each birthday, each milestone that they hit, each new thing they do. I am thankful that they both know Jesus and have him in their hearts. That one day they will get to be with Lindsay again.

I love you Sam and Emma