Friday, January 1, 2010

Please Pray For My Aunt Jeanne

Our family needs your prayers again. We just found out last night that my Aunt Jeanne has Stage IV ovarian cancer. She is my mom's baby sister. My Aunt is very special to me and I love her very much. We know that God is in control of this whole thing and we are going to trust him that she is going to be ok. Please pray for my Uncle Mark and my cousin's Jeff and Megan. She will be meeting with a surgeon on Monday so I will know more then. So check back for more updates. She is not in any pain and she is healthy. We sometimes don't know why these trials come in our lives but we do know that God loves us and only gives us what we can handle. My Aunt said last night that one thing she learned from my Nanny was that even in the hard time we need to be thankful. I am thankful for my Aunt Jeanne and Uncle Mark. They have been big prayer warriors for us during Lindsay's time in the hospital. They came to visit her which was so special to Jon and I. So now it is our turn to be prayer warriors for her.

Aunt Jeanne,
I love you so very much. I am not going to stop praying for you. God is in control of everything that is happening. We pray for peace for you guys and that you will feel God's presence in every step of the way. We support you and we will be there for you when you need us. Thanks for being such a great Aunt to all of us. Our family has some of the greatest memories together that I will cherish for ever.
Uncle Marker( this is what the our kids call him), Jeff and Meg,
I love all so much to. I am praying for strength and for you as you stand with your Mom and support her in every decision that is made.