Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Tuesday Evening Update

Lindsay is out of surgery. She is in very critical condition and has lost a significant amount of blood. They were able to do the artery bypass but did not do anything additional with the mitral valve. The "wow" in this would be if the heart would regain its function. Dr. Mayer and his team did an amazing job and we need to pray for strength for them as well as the rest of the team that ministered to Lindsay.

It will be another hour or so until the kids will get to see her. PLEASE PRAY THAT THE LORD WILL STOP THE BLEEDING to the amazement of the doctors. They have closed the chest to hopefully help deal with the infection. It has been a very long day for everyone. Please pray for the kids as they process the news which is obviously not what we were all hoping for at the moment. God is still in control and HE can still WOW us all.

Thank you from the bottom of hearts for praying and supporting the family with your prayers.

Tuesday Evening Update

We have no news to report as of yet. As soon as we get a report I will get information out on the blog.

Thanks to the hundreds of you who have signed in today to check the blog. Please know how much Laura, Jon, Tanner, Phyllis, Warren, Jan, Zach and me appreciate your love and concern. We are trusting in our great God.

Tuesday Afternoon Update

Lindsay is now in surgery! Laura and Jon had us all come in Lindsay's cubicle to pray with over her. It was a very teary time, especially hearing Laura confidently and victoriously intercede on behalf of her daughter.

Please pray for the doctors and nurses who will be attending to her during the surgery. We are trusting the Lord for a miracle! Three verses that keep coming to us from all over the world are Philippians 4:6-7, Deut. 31:8 and Romans 15:13.

Thank you again for your prayers and support.

Tuesday morning update

Well we all had the surprise of our life when Brian Bitler, Julie and Ethan walked in the waiting room! We were all so happy to see them, and I know that it was a shot in the arm for Laura.

Dr. Mayer had them raise her bed with several more mattresses to help with getting the fluid levels under control. We will have to take a picture as her nurse, Moira, said she looks like the "princess and the pea." Already it has been helpful in draining fluid.

From what we have heard, surgery is scheduled for 1:30 PM. What a thrill to know that people all over the world will join us at the throne of grace on behalf of Lindsay and the team of nurses and doctors who will be attending to her. However, isn't it cool to know that Dr. Mayer's hands will be guided and directed by the GREAT Physician.

We love you all. We will update you as we get information.

Tuesday Morning Update

Good morning. Today is the day of Lindsay's surgery. We don't have a definite time yet, but believe it will be some time after 12:00 noon. As soon as we have a definite time, we will post it on the blog.

Please be praying for the team of doctors and nurses who will be ministering to her in the OR. Pray for Dr. Mayer who is the head surgeon.

Two things that blessed me last night:

1. I finally had the privilege of meeting the nurse who saved Lindsay's life. We refer to her as our "angel of mercy." We thought you would be blessed, too, by meeting Julia. Thanks, Julia! We love you.
2. I was also so moved last night to be in Lindsay's room while Laura prayed over her before we left. It was a very emotional time for me, and I was so thankful to witness the strength that God is giving our kids as they walk through this difficult time. Jon and Laura, we are so proud of you.
Thanks for your prayers and notes. God encouraged my heart this morning. Check out my blog: http://www.americaskeswick.org/freedom/2008/04/he-prayed-earnestly.html
We will keep you posted.