Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Don't Stop Writing

I was amazed and pleased this morning to see that the blog is fast approaching 40,000 hits! I don't know why I am so amazed, but I is so humbling for us to see how you are still standing with Laura, Jon, and Tanner.

Some of you have walked through the valley of grief and can give testimony to the fact that God saw you THROUGH the preparations, viewing, funeral, and the aftermath of activities related to the "funeral" process. God's sustaining grace has certainly been a reality for all of us.

And God WILL be faithful to see the kids through this next phase. Often He uses His people to help come alongside of grieving families to encourage and lift up.

The kids took a few days to get away -- just the three of them. They are trying to adapt to a new "normal." Normal is going to look very different for months to come.

I want to encourage you today -- send a word of encouragement to Jon, Laura and Tanner today. As one grief writer said, "It's after the flowers are gone that we need each other!"

Thanks for being an encourager!