Thursday, May 8, 2008

Early Thursday Evening Update

We are urging you to continue to pray this evening for the healing of Lindsay's lung and the ability for her to urinate as much as possible. Pray that God will bring clarity and peace to Jon, Laura, Tanner and Jan as they spend these long days at Lindsay's bedside. Pray that God will bring encouragement to them in a very special way that will only be traceable back to HIM and HIM alone.

Update.....pray for output

Lindsay was doing really well in the "urine output" department earlier, but has really slowed down. Please pray that she begins to "pee" again. Very important. Nothing else new. Thanks for praying.

Thursday Noon Update

More good news. Lindsay's lungs are greatly improved!!! Her volume is up and the doctors are pleased. In fact, they are meeting to talk about putting her back on the active transplant list!!!

The was an infection that grew out in the culture, but they believe it is in the chest tube. Pray for clarity!!!

All in all -- we are thankful for this encouraging report. The Lord gave me a few nuggets from Psalm 106 this morning: Vs. 8 -- Nevertheless He saved them for the sake of HIS name that He might make HIS POWER known. -- vs. 6 Then they believed HIS words; they sang HIS praises.

Our prayer is that WHATEVER He wants to do through Lindsay's life will be for the sake of HIS name and that people would see HIS POWER!

Thanks for praying. Thanks for writing on the blog. Thanks for writing to the doctors. We are over 20,000 hits to the blog.