Friday, April 25, 2008

Friday Afternoon Update

Sorry for the lack of information. Up until about an hour ago, things were quiet. I can't really go into a lot of detail at the moment because we are all trying to sort out all that is happening.

We are asking our prayer partners to mobilize to pray very specifically that God will give HIS wisdom to the doctors. They are at a point of really not knowing what the next step should be. They have discussed various options, but they are really at the place where they don't know what would be best.

From what I can determine, the best case scenario is still for God to provide a heart for Lindsay. I did find out that she can be on the ECMO for up to six weeks, so we are not actually at crunch time, but half way there.

There is still the need to get rid of more fluids which they think they can do with ECMO, an issue with the lung, and getting her sedated enough to relax.

So please pray specifically that the team will be willing to listen to HIS voice. Thanks. Be assured that as soon as I know something, even in the middle of the night, I will post information to keep you up to date.

Friday Morning Update

Good morning. Lindsay had a good night. The blood infection is under control and we are waiting to hear back on the other cultures.

She is becoming more accustomed to the parayltic drugs, so she has become a little more "wiggly" and so they are needing to give her more meds to keep her quiet.

I guess we are at the place where "no news is good news."

There is a big meeting on Monday with the entire team to try and get answers to the next step questions.

Thank you again for praying, and writing on the blog. For the MANY of you who have not yet left a note -- this is a HUGE encouragement to Laura and Jon. Someone this morning said, "With all the people writing, I don't want to be a pest." Pests right now are a lifeline of encouragement. So pester away!!!