Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Update 4/9/08 10:00 PM

Praise the Lord for the great progress that Lindsay has made today. As of this evening she is completely off the pacemaker and the medications to regulate the heartbeat have been greatly reduced. She is out of the "paralytic" sleep and beginning to become a little more responsive.

The surgeon is pleased with what he observed as the day progressed. She will remain in Cardiac ICU for at least another two-three days.

Our daughter, Julie, arrived this morning. Thanks, Garrett, for letting her come and for taking care of the kids. Laura was really surprised to see her. Pray for Julie as she heads up some time tomorrow afternoon.

Amy Richardson, daughter of Karen and Robby Richardson, took Zach and Tanner out on the town this afternoon and they had a great time getting away from the hospital. Thanks, Amy!

Josh, Jenny and Sam arrived after 6 and really shocked Laura! They will be staying until Friday and Zach and Dad will follow them back home. Thanks, Josh and Jenny for making the trip.

Grandma (Phyllis) Groen is spending the night with Lindsay so that Laura and Jon can get a good night of rest (if that is possible with Julie and Laura being in the same room).

Your prayers and blog comments have been a HUGE BLESSING!

Update -- April 9, 2008 4:45 PM

Praise the Lord for major improvement this afternoon. Laura and Jon were able to assist the nurse in bathing Lindsay. She has been responding to the stimulation. Sometime in the next couple of hours they will reduce the meds which will mean she will be waking up slowly.

At this point they do not believe additional surgery is necessary. The leaking has been greatly reduced. She is still being assisted by the pacemaker and that should come off as she stabilizes.

Baring no complications, she will be in ICU for at least three more days and then will move to cardiac step down.

Another major answer to prayer is that Jon and Laura were able to secure a hotel room closeby for $30.00 a night. They have the room from Friday - Tuesday. The hospital social worker said this rate doesn't come about very often.

We cannot thank you enough for your prayers. We know people are praying round the clock from different locations around the world. It is very humbling.

Update -- April 9, 2008

Our families want you to know that we sense God’s peace in an amazing way even through the tears. They are doing an echo-cardio right now which will determine the next steps. Dr. Mayer is thinking that he may need to do surgery later on today. The good news is that her bp and heart rhythms appear to be stabilizing. We can sense the strain on both Jon and Laura at this point, so continue to undergird them with your prayers
We will keep you posted throughout the day. We love you all and thank you for standing with us at the throne of grace.