Monday, June 2, 2008


Today is Jon's first day back to work. Please be praying for both Jon and Laura as this is a difficult day of transition.

We continue to hear stories of how Lindsay's life has impacted people. If you would like to share your story, please email it to me so that I can post it on the blog:

May God bless you.


Anonymous said...

Dear Jon, Laura & Tanner:
We are thinking of you and praying for you. I know that it is hard everyday as you have to deal with the loss of Lindsay but I hope you can feel our love and prayers. You are our niece and nephew, but you are like one of our own kids and we love you so much.
Aunt Jeanne and Uncle Mark.

Anonymous said...

Sending you lots of prayers today and everyday.

Anonymous said...

Constant thoughts and prayers are being sent for you today, as well as everyday. You all are always on my mind. May the Lord give you peace and comfort.

Anonymous said...

So good to know , Jon, that you have returned to work. God has given you both strength of character and strength of body. These two qualities added to your love for your family and God's mercy will enable you to do the daily tasks that will provide for your needs even at this time. i
Laura, may you find Jon an encouragement to you as you both remember to have and TO HOLD - to cry and to smile as memory floods your minds and hearts.
Praying for you here in Paramus.

Anonymous said...

Jon, Laura & Tanner,

Continuing to pray for you...

Love, Scott and Jill

Anonymous said...

Laura, it was good to have had a chance to talk with you on Saturday. Please know I'm always available anytime you need to lean on someone who's "farther down the road". It always reminds me of a devotion I read years ago (Hinds Feet in High Places, I think) where the one farther down the mountain calls to the one above to "call back" and show them the steps to take as they climb the mountain. You're not alone in your climb, Laura and Jon. You're still being lifted up in prayer and there are many of us there to "call back" and help you with your journey. As you keep your eyes on Jesus, I can PROMISE you with all certainty, He WILL see you through these difficult days and there WILL be joy in your lives again (yes, even in this life!). Keep your eyes fixed on Him and on the day He places Lindsay back in your arms! It's coming! Meanwhile, love and take care of each other and little Tanner, remember to get what rest you can, take some walks together, take your vitamins and eat as well as you can. Taking care of these things will keep from compounding your grief with physical problems. And when you feel alone, remember that Jesus knows your pain and many, many people are STILL praying for all of you. I hope to talk to you soon. Love in Christ, Janet

Unknown said...

Love you and are praying. Brian also wanted to share for Jonn that he as a Dad knowing how hard it is to go back to work after all of this is tough stuff, and he is praying for you. Laura as a Mom I continue to pray for you knowing the days after can be the hardest. We remember those feelings and hard moments, are hearts are with you. We love you, Meliss, Brian, Morgan and Colin

Anonymous said...

We are praying for you constantly, too, that God will carry you through each day. We talk about Lindsay as a family every day. We each have a deeper and more personal relationship with Jesus because of Lindsay's testimony. This is a gift for which we will forever be grateful. My 8 yr old said with complete certainty, "I can just see Jesus rocking Lindsay in His arms." I pray He comes back soon so you (and we!) can share the joy she has in this moment!
Abbie Hackett
Bethany Church

Anonymous said...

Dear Jon Laura and Tanner,
Still praying for all of you that God will give comfort and peace. And He will. I don't know what I would do without Him. I still visit the blog daily. You have all changed my life. Thank you for sharing Lindsay Bear with us. Dorene

Anonymous said...

Laura, Jon, and Tanner,
You continue to be in my thoughts and prayers as you face these days without Lindsay.

Laura, I remember vividly how difficult it was for me when my husband returned to work, after we lost our daughter. Though I knew that others were there for me at the time, I felt such a need to have my husband with me. As we were forced to "get back to normal", I struggled, wishing we didn't have to.

Jon, I also remember how difficult it was for my husband to leave me and return to work. He had been my rock, the arms that held me when I cried, the one who wanted to make everything ok for me. He knew he had to get back to work, yet worried about me when he was gone. I know he felt torn. And, he too, was still grieving heavily.

Grief is such a long journey, especially when you lose a child. It's clear you have such a huge support network, yet you have to work through it on your own, in your own way, in your own time. I admire the strength and faith you've shown throughout this long journey, and I pray your faith continues to sustain you in the days ahead. But when the human side of you longs to hold Lindsay, causes you to feel alone, or you just simply are having a really difficult day, please know I'm here. I agree with another comment made earlier, that the ones that have walked this road before are here to reach out to you when you need us.

Nancy Brown
Hudson, NH

Susan M. said...

Laura, Jon, & Tanner:

I had the privilege today of joining together with two ladies attending the conference this week to pray specifically for you. Both of them have written on the blog - Miriam and Diane N. It is indeed a blessing to be able to go to the Lord with our requests and know that He hears and answers our prayers.

Continuing to pray that the Lord will comfort you and give strength for each new day, for each step of the way.

With love and prayers,

Susan M.

Isaiah 41:10

Anonymous said...

Jon,Laura,Tanner and Family,

My heart still aches for all of you. You are in my thoughts so often, and I pray for you during those times. I still have Lindsay's picture on my locker at work. God is near to the brokenhearted. May you feel His presence and comfort.

Mary Conway

Anonymous said...

The Bowies are thinking of the Groens....with love and prayers. Stay strong.