Monday, April 21, 2008

Monday afternoon update

Lindsay has developed an infection in her chest and is now on antibiotics. This means that she will now have to be on the inactive list for a transplant until the infection clears up. We are not certain how this affects that the Berlin heart. We will keep you updated as we hear information.

Thanks for praying!

Monday morning update

Good morning. Here are several updates for prayer:

1. Lindsay's blood sugar is a little high so she is on a small amount of insulin. Pray that they can regulate it.

2. She has developed some air around the left lung and they are trying to take care of that this morning.

3. She needed platelets last night and there didn't seem to be a change. However the her friend in the next cubicle had them also and there wasn't a change. They are checking that out this morning as well.

4. Please pray that the Berlin heart will arrive this week. Here is a clip about the heart.

5. Pray that God will miraculously provide Lindsay's new heart either by healing the "old" one or through the transplant.

While we are encouraging folks to visit Laura, Jon, and Tanner, it is important that you be well. Lindsay is very susceptible to infection.