Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Lindsay Bear slideshow

Here is a link to view the 25 minute slideshow that my brother Aaron whipped up for the service last night. It ran from 5:30 to 7:30, so if you were not there last night, or didn't come's the place to check it out.

Wednesday Morning Update

Thank you for praying for Laura, Jon, and Tanner last night. The Lord gave strength, peace and comfort. The Memorial Service was a wonderful tribute to Lindsay's legacy, and most of all, the Lord received the glory!

A thrill for Laura and Jon was to have three of their nurses from Children's Boston Hospital present. (Left to right -- Auntie Moira (Meow), Lauren, Joanna). We are so thankful for the loving care that they provided not only to Lindsay, but also to Jon, Laura, Tanner, Warren & Phyllis, and Jan.
We also want to thank the many ladies from MOPS who have supported Laura and the family with cookies, goodies, and most all, lots of hugs. Laura is going to need you all now more than ever! Keep lovin' her.
Watch the blog for information as to when the DVD/CD of the memorial service will be available. We will also be posting the power point presentation that was prepared by Jon's brother, Aaron. Great job, Aaron!
Over 140 people were watching the simulcast last night. Thanks to Dover Baptist Church for providing this service as well as taking care of the e-giving, food, providing the facility for our use. Thanks, Pastor Ken and Cindy, for all you have done for our kids.
It was good to meet so many of our "blogger" family last night. God used Lindsay to create a special family that have rejoiced when we rejoiced and have wept with us as we have wepts. Your prayers and encouragement have been a huge blessing to us.
We will be keeping the blog open so that our family can post entries from time to time. I am checking on how you can receive email notification when a new entry is made on the blog.
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for taking this journey with us. In closing, here is the poem that our daughter, Julie, read last night. The original poem was written by Jan's Mom who lost a little girl. The kids adapted the poem for Lindsay:
Lord, we gave our little girl to Thee
before she breathed a breath
But e’re she came into the world
she soon bowed her head in death
And though we know not why Lord,
we know it’s in your plan.
And someday in the glory,
we’ll know and understand.
For she belonged to you Lord,
right from the very start,
And when you took her from us,
it nearly broke our heart.
And Lord it wasn’t easy
as the tears flowed down our face
And yet we felt Thy Presence
and Thy overflowing GRACE.
The hours, as they dragged along,
seemed endless it is true,
And still in spite of all the pain
we knew you’d see us through.
We knew because You promised
and You’re faithful to Your Word
And lots of folks were praying
and we knew that You had heard.
How folks can live without YOU,
Lord, is a mystery,
They’ll trust in almost anything
instead of faith in THEE.
They’ll trust in their religion
or in anything man made
When all they need is Jesus
who died their soul to save.
So thank you Lord for courage,
for strength and grace from Thee
And help us keep on trusting
till someday HER face we see.
God bless you.