Friday, March 27, 2009

Prayers For Annabelle's Family

We would like you to be praying today for Annabelle's family today. A year ago today there little girl went to live with Jesus. Although we did not know them this time last year we have become close this past few months. Rebecca and I have never met face to face only through emails and writing on the blogs. Rebecca has become a big part of our lives as now we share something together. Our little girls are now dancing in heaven together and playing with Jesus. They are in no pain, have no tubes, and they have healthy and whole hearts. We couldn't ask for anything better for them.

I would encourage you to read Annabelle's blog and if you feel led to leave them a comment. Please pray for them today as they go through there day together. This day is coming for us and I know that we will be able to get through it by feeling God's comfort and grace. They do have a son named Wyatt and Rebecca is expecting again with another little boy. They also know that this new baby has all 4 chambers of his heart. This is a great answer to pray for them.

We are going to remember Annabelle today here in our house. My bible study ladies are coming to our house today and we are going to do something special for this little girl. Tanner and I made cookies last night with an A on them for Annabelle. We did make a few with an L for Lindsay. There are 9 kids that also come with there Mom's to bible study. We got 9 balloons so that each kid could let one go today in memory of Annabelle. Tanner also picked out a special one to let go for Lindsay. I will be sure and post pictures later.

Rebecca, We love you and we are praying for you and your family today. May you feel Gods loving arms wrapped around you today.