Sunday, May 11, 2008

Sunday Night Update

God blessed Laura with a wonderful Mother's Day. Lindsay's eyes were open several times during the day!!! That was the greatest gift she could have been given.

Lindsay's blood sugars are back in the normal range! Praise the Lord. Her nurse Ann Marie asked that we specifically pray for her to urinate tonight. Last night we asked for output and not only did she urinate well ... well their were many messy diapers. The good news is that helped with the swelling in the stomach and showed that other parts of her body are working! You go ... Lindsay.

Tomorrow a family meeting has been scheduled with all the doctors. Pray that God will lead and guide the team. We are grateful the Lord gave Lindsay another day!

Have a good night.

Happy Mommy's Day to all

I wanted to send along my wishes for all of our praying Mom's out there today (along with the many praying Dad's) on this Mother's Day. Phyllis (Jon's mom), we miss you and pray that you have a good day spending time with your other children and grandbabies. Thanks for your many prayers and blogs for Lindsay and the entire family. We love you all. God IS, has been, and will be so good to us.
Lindsay did well overnight with her output. PopPop put it so nicely, but Granny and Mommy were so glad that she "pooped" last night. I have never been so glad to hear that news. Her sugars are still high and the chest xray doesn't seem to be any better. We are praising God, though, for the small things.
Praise the Lord for great moms. I had a great and godly mom and mother-in-law who both taught me the love of God and to love His Word. What strength and comfort we have gotten from God's Word, not just in our own devotions and reading but from what you all have been writing on the blogs. Keep it coming. We look forward to hearing from you and what God is teaching you. Below is a poem my mom wrote many years ago when my brother, sister and I were young. Thanks, mom, for your love for us and God. You left us a great legacy and it is being passed on. Love to all, Jan/Granny
Every afternoon about a quarter to four, the peace and quiet ends with the slamming of the door. And then I hear familiar words in the same familiar tone, "Mother, Oh Mother, Hey Mom, I'm home."
It's "Mother, I got an "A" in Math, and was Mrs. Green a grouch. Hey, can I have a bite to eat." As the coat gets thrown on the couch.
Then there's "Where's my shirt or where's my shoes?" And I just shake my head. "There wherever you last put them before you went to bed.
But the day will come when they'll be gone and have children of their own. To hear the same familiar words,"Mother, Hey Mom, I'm home."
And to me the words will be memories, but one day when God calls His own, I KNOW I will hear my children calling, "Mother, Mother I'm home."
For God gave me the privilege of telling my children the way, and hearing them ask Him to save them and wash all their sins away.
So since each of them KNOW the Master, if first He should call me home, One by one I'll wait for their voices, calling, "Mother, Hey mom, I'm HOME."
Happy Mother's Day, mom, I miss you.

Sunday Morning

Good morning. Lindsay had a very peaceful night
and apparently had a better night with her "output." Her sugarh are still high, so pray that they will be able to get them under control.

I was up a good bit of the night praying for Laura, Jon and the kids last night, and thought maybe you'd all like to see the whole family. Thousands of you have seen the pictures of Lindsay, but now you have a picture of Jon, Laura and Tanner.

Today is Mother's Day and I wanted to tell Laura how much I love her and how proud we are of her. It is hard to believe that this year she will be 30! Where does the time go? We have watched her grow into a woman who loves the Lord and loves her family. She is a woman who is trusting God and who is not afraid to go to the Lord with boldness and confidence. Laura, I know that Nan in particular, would be so proud of your walk with God. I know that is a direct answer to her prayer for all of her grandkids.

"Charm is deceitful and beauty is vain but a woman who fears the Lord, she shall be praised. Give her the product of her hands, and let her works praise her in the gates." Proverbs 30:30-31

Laura, today is your day, baby! You are a woman who fears the Lord, and your family is the evidence of how God is using you to bring glory to Him. We love you.

I would also like to tell Jan and Phyllis -- Happy Mother's Day. Our kids are what they are because of the examples of godly living that has been modeled for them by both of you. "Your children rise up and bless both of you, and your husbands also, and we praise you, saying, 'Many daughters have done nobly, but Phyllis and Jan, you excell them all." (Proverbs 30:28-29)