Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Wednesday Night Update

Tomorrow will be a very important day as the transplant team will be meeting to assess if they are able to proceed with the Berlin Heart. Depending on the assessment, it could happen as early as Friday.

Tonight they are putting her on the larger ventilator to get the lungs functioning better.

Please pray that the Lord will flood Laura and Jon's heart and minds with peace tonight. I can't even begin to fathom how difficult the weight of the decisions must be for them. Please pray that we will be able to move forward with the Berlin heart.

Praise the Lord that Warren and Phyllis made it home safely and were able to get to the hospital tonight.

We thank the Lord often throughout the day for the thousands of people now around the globe who are praying along with us.

Please pray for Dr.'s Mayer, Emani, Brown, Lawson and Dr. John (not sure of his last name) and for the ECMO nurses as well as the nurses who provide care for Lindsay around the clock. We are glad that Auntie Moira (Meow) is on duty tomorrow and Friday.

Wednesday afternoon update

Dr Mayer was just in and updated us. Lindsay's lungs are a wee bit better and the infection is under control (not gone). He is still very concerned about the kidneys. She had her 2nd treatment of dialysis through the Ecmo circuit and handled it well. He explained the frustrations of not having an idea as to when the drivers for the Berlin heart will be available.

Her CVP numbers are now down, but need to come up a little. Pray that the people working on these problems will have guidance from the Lord so that the numbers will be right where they need to be.

Continue to pray for the lungs, infection, kidneys and drivers. Pray that the Lord will do what He wants for Lindsay in His time, not ours. He knows the tomorrows and when and what needs to be here. Continue to pray for clarity for Dr Mayer and all his team as they sort through what to do next.

Dr Mayer said that Lindsay was the longest child on Ecmo in this hospital. She is making medical history and perhaps helping other children in the future. God is awesome and we PRAISE HIM for He is good. Thanks for all your prayers. We love you all.

Wednesday Morning Update

Good morning. Lindsay had a peaceful night. Dr. Emani has asked us to specifically pray for her kidneys and that the Berlin VAD would arrive. The heart is here, but we need to have the two machines arrive. Thanks for your ongoing prayers.