Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Wednesday Evening Update

Dr. Mayer was in and pleased with Lindsay's progress. She is still doing well on the smaller ventilator. Please continue to pray for the on-going healing on the lungs.

Laura and Jon have also asked prayer for Jon's parents who are leaving tomorrow for upstate New York and then on to Missouri. It was very hard for them to leave the hospital. Please keep Warren and Phyllis in your prayers.

Laura asked prayer for baby Elijah who is being airlifted tonight to a hospital in Mississippi. He is seven months old and weighs 7lbs. His parents have to fly out commercial and won't get home until tomorrow. Laura and Jon have been witnessing to the family.

Thanks for your prayers.

Wednesday Afternoon Update

Lindsay is now on the smaller vent. They have also given medication into her lungs to help open them up. Please pray that this will keep the lungs working properly. The infection is under control and she will continue to be on antibiotics for quite awhile. All her other organs are working well. She still needs some days of resting, adjusting levels and taking off fluids. We will keep you posted. Again, thanks for your prayers, blogs and cards. They continue to be a great source of encouragement to all or us.

Wednesday Morning Update

Good morning. I am sitting in a room with 1100 ladies who are currently attending the Spring Ladies Day at America's KESWICK with my good friend, Liz Curtis Higgs. Many of these ladies have come to tell me that they are praying for Lindsay, Laura, Jon and Tanner. What an encouragement it has been to meet prayer partners face to face!

Dr. Emani encouraged us to get word of the blog to have folks pray specifically for Lindsay's lungs! In order to proceed with the artificial heart, the lungs must be clear! Please get the word out and let's storm heaven's gates with our prayers. If he can clear up MERSA, he can clear up her lungs.

Thanks from the bottom of our hearts!