Monday, May 12, 2008

Special Update

Well here is your prayer assignment for tonight. Surgery is tentatively scheduled for 1:00 PM tomorrow. HOWEVER -- The kids and Jan asked the Lord for a clear direction if God was up to something different.

The reason for the surgery is that Lindsay's CVP numbers have been very high. This is why they want to get in and relieve the pressures. However, the numbers have been dropping significantly tonight and if they get down from 11 to 3-5 ... no surgery!!!

Now I think you know how to pray???

I will keep you posted.

Monday afternoon Update

I am going to do my best to explain what is happening, if I missed something or got it out of sequence, I will get Jon to revise it.

My guess is that Lindsay's condition is a bit baffling to the medical team. There are issues with the kidneys, liver and lungs.

What they are suggesting is to do another open heart surgery in the next two days to remove the cannulas from the groin and reopen the chest so that they can further decompress her heart. While they are in there, they would clean out the chest and check for infection and any pockets of fluid, and possibly replace the mitral valve. All of this is very risky and they have no guarentee that she would survive the surgery (humanly speaking) because of all the risks. I am going to make an assumption based on the last surgery, that bleeding is another major risk with this surgery as well.

The Berlin Heart pump is there, but they need two drivers in place to make that happen. They do not come from Germany, but would need to be there in order to proceed with doing the Berlin Heart.

They are going to do a CT Scan to see if there is any concerns neurologically, and also another Echo cardiogram to see what is going on with her heart. I cannot imagine the tremendous weight on Jon and Laura's shoulders right now in making the decision to sign off on this surgery.

I think I can safely say for all of us that we are trusting the Lord for HIS plan and purpose for Lindsay's life. It doesn't take the hurt away. We don't necessarily understand why, but we can say "blessed be the name of the Lord." We know that whether by life or Lindsay's going home to be with Jesus with her NEW heart, He will be glorified.

Words cannot adquately express how proud the Groen's and Welte's are of Jon and Laura's courage and confidence in God through this trial. As family and friends, we stand with them now as they face a huge decision.

Let the kids know by writing on the blog that you are standing with them.

Monday Morning Update

Lindsay' sugar levels are still under control. She is still "peeing," and in answer to your prayers, the nurse happily reported that there was only one special "package!"

Please pray for the family meeting today which will be sometime this afternoon.

Thanks again for your prayers and blog comments. Keep praying and posting!