Thursday, July 3, 2008

Life Without Jesus

Here is a poem I read the other day in my Nanny's devotional book.

Life without Jesus would be meaningless.
Life without Jesus would be hopelessness.
Life without Jesus I cannot conceive,
Lord I'm so glad for the day I believed.
Life without Jesus is not life at all.
No one to help us the moment we call.
No one to guide us each step of the way.
No one to answer the moment we pray.
Life without Jesus, life without Him.
Would just be a life that was still full of sin.
No hope for the future, eternity's mourn
Would be better, far better if we weren't born.
But life with the Saviour is life full of joy. (which Lindsay is doing)
Life with the Master no man can destroy.
He's mine for all time and eternity too
If only the world knew what Jesus could do.
The world with it's wealth and it's pleasure combined
Could never compare with salvation that's mine
For Jesus is all that this old world would need
If only they'd open their hearts and believe.

This poem spoke to my heart after I read it. If we didn't know Jesus we would have never made it through this. But we do know Him and that's all we need.
Today I was cleaning out the diaper pail to use when Julie, Garrett, Emma, and Ethan come on Sat. I had set it outside and forgot that there were a few diapers in there. So needless to say it was very smelly and full of rain water. As I was dumping out the water I realized that those were the last 3 diapers I changed at home. That sure made me sad and long more for Lindsay. You forget what it's like to change diapers everyday but I sure miss doing it everyday.