Thursday, April 10, 2008

Thursday evening update

Well believe it or not it is 11:21 PM and I am on a date with Lindsay!
My family are still a bit in shock, but I am spending the night with her in ICU! Don't faint! I am in my right mind (well, I think I am ...) Today was an incredible day of progress. Tonight they took out the breathing tubes and she is just on a little oxygen. Because she is getting a little more active, they upgraded her to a big girl bed. By morning, she will be pretty much awake and able to start eating, which almost doesn't seem possible.

We cannot thank you enough for the prayer support and encouragement that you have provided. The blog comments are a great encouragement to our kids.

Zach and I will be heading back to NJ tomorrow with Josh, Jenny and Samuel. Jan will stay on to encourage the kids her and help in whatever way she can when Lindsay is released. God has been so good to us.

God is still working miracles!

Yesterday we were still trying to find housing for Laura, Jon, Tanner and Jan for this weekend and next week while Lindsay is still in the hospital. We had tried several places at the direction of the social worker. Jan had called Devon Nicole House where we had previously made application and they were still filled. She mentioned to the lady on the phone that it was a good thing that they were filled and helping so many people. The lady wished they had a bigger place so that they could help us. Later in the afternoon, Caroline, the social worker, found Jan and told her that Devon House had called her and told her that a local hotel within several blocks had offered a room for $30 a night from Friday to next Wednesday. When Jan went to finalize it with the Children's services department, the lady there said we were very lucky that it doesn't happen very often. Jan told the lady that it wasn't luck but that it was a miracle and that we had thousands of people praying. One of the ladies jumped and gave Jan a hug. She was a Christian and said that the other ladies needed to hear that. Praise the Lord, He is still working miracles. Your prayers are still working. :)

Update for April 10

Well, things have been happening quite fast around here so that is the reason for the relay in writing. Just as we were ready to update, something else would happen and change. So here we go.

They have removed both chest tubes, catheter is out and the neck pick line is out! The first to come out was the monitor line that was right at the heart. That was the toughest one but the Lord kept it easy with no bad results. They are lowering her bed to wake her up and Laura and Jon will get to hold her! We praise the Lord!

Julie is now on her way home (a little teary). Pray for safety as she drives back to New Jersey. Thanks again Garrett for letting her come. Thanks too, to Emma and Ethan for letting their mom come to see Lindsay. It was great to have all the Welte kids together. Josh, Jenny and Sam will be here until tomorrow. Pray for safety as they drive back to Maryland tomorrow.

We cannot thank you enough for your prayers and loving thoughts that have poured out over these last several days. God is so good.

Pray for Bill and Zach as they will also be leaving tomorrow to return to NJ. Jan will stay on for the duration of the hospital stay and then to NH to help with getting Lindsay back into the daily routine.