Monday, March 2, 2009

Please Pray For The Gledhill Family

We have been following and praying for Gracie Gledhill the past few weeks. This little girl got a new heart but once they put it in it wasn't working. She was placed on ECMO and as of this morning they were going to unhook her machine's. Her story hit home to us because even though Lindsay never got her new heart here on earth this little girl went through all the same things as Lindsay. Our hearts are aching for this family as they go through this difficult time. I will add her blog page here as well as on the side with our other heat baby friends. Please be praying for this family today as they let there little girl go home to Jesus.

As we have been following this blog we are in some way grateful that we didn't have to go through as much as they did. We could have been in the same boat with Lindsay getting a new heart. There is so much involved with a transplant, the rejections, the heart not working, and all the other things involved. God spared her and us from all of that and now she is happy and has a brand new heart. We couldn't ask for anything better for her. But we know the pain that this family is going through right now.

Lord, We ask that you bring peace and comfort to the Gledhill family today. Surround them with your love. Be with there other 3 kids as they walk through this time with there parents. I hope that Lindsay will welcome Gracie into heaven today and that she will take care of her and play with her. Amen You will have to copy and paste it.