Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Wednesday Morning Update

Good morning. Lindsay had a peaceful night. Dr. Emani has asked us to specifically pray for her kidneys and that the Berlin VAD would arrive. The heart is here, but we need to have the two machines arrive. Thanks for your ongoing prayers.


Anonymous said...

So thrilled to read of the daily miracles in Lindsay's life!!! We'll be praying for everything to arrive for the Berlin heart and healthy kidneys.

May God give you another encouraging day and more rest and restoration for Lindsay.

With Love, Scott and Jill

Susan M. said...

Will keep praying!!

Glad that Lindsay had a peaceful night and glad for yesterday's encouraging report. Praise the Lord!!!!

Love and hugs,

Susan M.

PS - Is she 23 months old today?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Thank you Lord for blessing Lindsay with a peaceful night.
We speak to her kidneys and command them in the name of Jesus to function as they were creatd to.
We praise you and thank you for ALL you have done and are doing in this little angel's life. We also thank you for the encouraging miracles you continue to show us daily as you slowly bring Lindsay to complete restoration, in YOUR time !
We thank you in advance for expediting the arrival of the machines needed so very much to proceed with the BERLIN HEART !!!!!
Jesus loves His little children .... they are precious in His sight.....
God Bless Lindsay and her family and give them ALL a peaceful day, as well as making Your presence known to the entire staff tending to Lindsay. Touch each of them as well, as they continue to use their healing touch you blessed them with to glorify your name.
Thank you Lord !

Anonymous said...

I do not know if you read the Keswick devotional for today but it was by sister Ruth Raws (Pastor Bill's sister). The title of it is "God's Resouces NEVER Run Short". "Him who is ABLE to do exceedingly, abundantly, above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us." Pretty cool. Still praying to the ONE who is ABLE.


Anonymous said...

The updates have been such a blessing. We are rejoicing as God continues to answer prayers regarding Lindsay.We continue to pray each day for healing, for grace and for strength.
In His Love,
Joe & Kim Olachea

Anonymous said...

Our Amazing God brings Lindsay, Laura, Jon and Tanner to our hearts using so many ways...yesterday songs on the bus ride home from Sight and Sound in Lancaster, PA...and so many times during the production of DANIEL our loving Father reminded us to lift all of you up and have faith! We praise Him with you and your families.
The Konwalers

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update. Doing as Dr. Emani suggested--praying for kidney functions and arrival of necessary equipment for Berlin heart. Our God is able!! Keep trusting!! MER

Anonymous said...

my first instinct is to come up there and support you Laura, and your family, but i know there is nothing i can do, that i cant do from here. If you ever need me, or just need an outlet, i am here. I can be there in 5 hrs if you need me also. I will come, rain sleet or snow...


Alyssa Groen said...

I'm very grateful for the good report today, and will continue standing with you in prayer.

I was traveling for work over the past few days, with very limited internet access. When I got to the Michigan branch of Family Research Council, I was immediately surrounded by heartfelt concern about Lindsay's situation. Several of my colleagues here in Michigan are following the blog closely, so they were actually giving me updates on her status! They are an encouragement and comfort to me, and they want you to know that they are steadfastly lifting you and Lindsay up in prayer.

Love you all!

Anonymous said...

I'm praising God that Lindsay is improving :-)
-rachel c.

Anonymous said...

I am very moved when I see the pictures. I pray that Lindsay will get the best treatment and recover soon from the operation.

Million love,
Bobby Sinulingga

Robert and Joyce Hayes said...

We are still praying. The bracelets are great. Jordan wore his to school today. We are rejoicing with you on the good reports.

Unknown said...

Dear Groen' and Welte's,

We are grieving with you as you mourn the homegoing of Lindsay to be with JESUS. NOW JESUS holds your little one in HIS arms and we pray that this will bring a joy and peace to you that surpasses all understanding. We know that the LORD GOD has glorified HIS NAME in Lindsay's short life and for that we are Thankful. We pray for GOD'S Strength as you continue the days ahead. We Love You, Mike and Cindy Dulaney