Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Tuesday Evening Update

We have no news to report as of yet. As soon as we get a report I will get information out on the blog.

Thanks to the hundreds of you who have signed in today to check the blog. Please know how much Laura, Jon, Tanner, Phyllis, Warren, Jan, Zach and me appreciate your love and concern. We are trusting in our great God.


Anonymous said...

Bill, Jan, Jon and Laura: The saints at CRPC have been alerted and will be praying. Warmly in Christ, Chuck Heidel.

Anonymous said...

Waiting with you, praying for you, love you all. LVS

Anonymous said...

Praying for you... and checking the blog often.

With love, Scott and Jill Brown

Anonymous said...

Family and anyone else we can recruit from SW MN is praying for you. Even though we are not there, you are close in our hearts!

Love, the Post's

Anonymous said...

Dear Jon & Laura,

We are anxiously awaiting word of the outcome of the surgery. I have just read Isaiah 55 while thinking of you.

"For My thoughts are not your thoughts, nor are your way My ways," says the Lord.

"For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are My ways higher than your ways, and My thoughts than your thoughts."

Isaiah 55:8 & 9

It is so comforting when life is so out of control, that we can entrust life's outcomes to a sovereign Savior and Lord.

He has given us His word, and it will "never return void". Isaiah 55:11

Love in Christ,

Del & Gwen G.

Unknown said...

Praying with you, and have been all day, love your picture. I can't even express words to share what that picture does for me. Love you, Melissa, Brian, and kids

Anonymous said...

It must have been a very long day for you all. I hope that the report comes soon and that you can get a good night of rest. Mrs. Vreeland prayed for your "precious little baby" in teachers' devotions today. We're all "pulling for you."

Kerri and Dana Robinson

Anonymous said...

Dear Groen family, We have been praying for little Lindsay and for you as well for God to offer healing for Lindsay and peace and comfort to her family. We look forward to the day the blog says that she has made a complete recovery and is well enough to go home! What a joyous day that will be! In God's love, DBC members

Anonymous said...

Father God,
Thank you for the gift of Lindsay. We know that you are in control. Please grant us all your peace and strength. It is so hard to wait upon your timing and we are so afraid. Lord, we cry out to you to bring your supernatural ability to the doctors. Lord, we ask you for a miracle as Moses and Gideon and Peter and Paul and Hannah have asked you before. We ask that you would completely heal Lindsay's heart in the name of your precious son Jesus. We ask that you do this so that you may be glorified, so that all might know that you and you alone healed this precious child, your child. Oh Father, hear our pleas for your mercy and your help. All of our hope is in you. Thank you for always being present with the family and all of us during this trial. We feel your presence and your love all around us. Guide us and give us strength to endure this trial. May your perfect will be done.
In Jesus precious name we pray,

Anonymous said...

Jesus , Prince of Peace, give your children quiet hope tonight as they wait. We are waiting in hope with you for God's best for little Lindsay. We are praying especially for good circulation. In love, Donna and family

Dr. Roger D. Haber said...

We continue to pray throughout this day and night and in the days ahead. We love you. Let us know what else we can do.

Roger & Nanci Haber

Anonymous said...

On going prayers from the Bitlers. Many have called or e-mailed me as well to see if I've heard anything further. Tonight while praying with the girls again... Julia brought up the pray without ceasing but from an 8 year old... tonight she said, "Pray without seizing", Jesslyn (9 yrs)corrected her but this time it was "Pray without seasoning"... and finally I put us on track... "Pray without ceasing!" And that we have done, not just here but from everyone's comments it's all across the country-- different time zones etc. So many are lifting you all up in prayer. Love ya~ Donna, Jesslyn, Julia, Joel & Jeremy

Anonymous said...

Thank you for updating the blog. We are waiting and praying with you. Bill P.

Anonymous said...

praying for you now as always and eagerly awaiting news of how the Lord will continue to work in Lindsay bear's life. "Our God reigns" and we know He has good things in store for you all. love pam and fam

Anonymous said...

i had a really hard time getting the blog to work. I think my thoughts are on the day before.
Love, Aunt Connie. Still praying for you all and asking God to give you peace that cannot be understood because it comes from the lover of our souls.

Anonymous said...

We are all(everyone at TFC) praying and waiting with and for you all.
We love you, and we love your pracious little Lindsay,
Kate Shorey

Anonymous said...

Father we praise you for all you have done for Lindsay and her family these past weeks. We praise you for what you are doing right now. Please, if it be your will, send us a good report soon that will show what only You could have done for Your honor and glory through the wonderful team working with Lindsay.

Anonymous said...

We continue to lift you up in prayer as we know God hears our pleas. Our prayers are to guide the hands and minds of the entire medical team that is providing care to Lindsay, for healing and a miracle for Lindsay, and for wisdom & peace for Jon, Laura, and the grandparents. We offer thanks and praise for all those who surround and visit to offer you comfort and strength. It is very obvious that God is answering the prayer for stamina as you continue to cling to him and march through each day and each decision.

You are experiencing "a moment in the Spirit" as our Pastor Kurt would say. This "moment" will live with you forever and change the way you view life. It's a difficult journey but God has chosen you because he knows you can do it and he is giving you the ability to do it. It is so encouraging to see your steadfastness in this time of trial.

We share your prayer needs with those in our world daily. The circle of those praying just in our area grows each day.

the Phelps family

Anonymous said...

Our thoughts and prayers are with you all.
The Randolphs

Anonymous said...

Dear Laura, Jon, Bill and Jan,
Still praying. What an incredible witness you are all to the staff at that hospital. The doctors and nurses must be moved to see your faith and the faith of those who are praying. Had hoped for an update by now, but I know that surgeries and recovery takes time. Will check back in the morning. I pray that you all can get some much needed rest tonight.

Pam Rankin

jre said...

I pray that God will give you the rest that you need tonight. We will continue to pray and look forward to hearing news.

Anonymous said...

Our son Jason who is stationed in Iraq right now, wanted me to pass on to you that he too is praying for Lindsay. He is not able to get onto the blog, but I am keeping him informed on the updates. Not only do you have people praying all around this country for precious little Lindsay, but around the world as well! May the Lord give you all sweet rest tonight. We look forward to hearing how Lindsay is doing.
Blessings, Jane Kelsall

Susan M. said...

I was very moved by the picture of all of you praying over Lindsay. Thanks for sharing that. In my mind's eye, I pictured that room packed with the hundreds (thousands?) of folks who are uniting together to pray for Lindsay and for all of you. While we're not there physically (the hospital would probably kick us out if we all showed up!), I'm sure we are all there with you in spirit.

Continuing to pray.


Susan M.

Deuteronomy 33:27 - The eternal God is your refuge, and underneath are the everlasting arms...

Anonymous said...

Hi all-

We're praying and thinking of you- Kelsey has been asking for an update through the evening and we join the others as we gather to 'pray without ceasing'.

Love ya (mutual)
Matt and Sharon

Ellen said...

Was out this evening and checked the blog as soon as I got in to see if there was an update. Praying for your family and this precious little girl... thank you for your prespective which causes me to be more patient with my kids and more in touch with our heavenly Father.

Anonymous said...

Far away in the depths of my spirit tonight rolls a melody sweeter than psalm...
In celestial-like strains it unceasingly falls O'er my soul like an infinite calm.
May I (Laura, Jon) rest tonight in this wonderful peace, resting sweetly in Jesus' control; For I'm kept from all danger by night and by day...as His Glory is flooding my soul.
...Peace ! Peace ! wonderful peace, Coming down from our Father above; Sweep over their spirit (tonight) and forever, I pray, In fathomless billows of love...
Lord, we pray for your peace to flood that waiting room with this precious family throughout this night as they wait on You.
Love -the Zigrangs-

Chip said...

Dear Jon & Laura

Theresa and I have been praying constantly and consistently that our Lord will heal Lindsey, and that His Spirit be upon you both giving you the strength and peace sufficient for each day. We have also been praying for Warren & Phyllis and Bill & Jan. Also Tanner has not been forgotten in our prayers. This week Theresa has been away but calls me daily and one of the first things she ask is not how am I but what's the update on Lindsey.

We pray in the presence of Christ and therefore we know He hears.
Chip & Theresa

Anonymous said...

We in Charlotte NC continue to pray. Thank you for your regular updates and helping us know how to pray.

Anonymous said...

Waiting upon the Lord with all of you and still praying...I'm so glad our God reigns.

The Pampreens

Anonymous said...

Watching and waiting with you.

Praying for you to have that wonderful peace mentioned in previous post.
"peace that passes all understanding"

Love, hugs & prayers,