Thursday, April 10, 2008

God is still working miracles!

Yesterday we were still trying to find housing for Laura, Jon, Tanner and Jan for this weekend and next week while Lindsay is still in the hospital. We had tried several places at the direction of the social worker. Jan had called Devon Nicole House where we had previously made application and they were still filled. She mentioned to the lady on the phone that it was a good thing that they were filled and helping so many people. The lady wished they had a bigger place so that they could help us. Later in the afternoon, Caroline, the social worker, found Jan and told her that Devon House had called her and told her that a local hotel within several blocks had offered a room for $30 a night from Friday to next Wednesday. When Jan went to finalize it with the Children's services department, the lady there said we were very lucky that it doesn't happen very often. Jan told the lady that it wasn't luck but that it was a miracle and that we had thousands of people praying. One of the ladies jumped and gave Jan a hug. She was a Christian and said that the other ladies needed to hear that. Praise the Lord, He is still working miracles. Your prayers are still working. :)


Unknown said...

I LOVE how God works, I'm so so happy that sweet Lindsay is progressing so much. I'm praying for traveling mercies for everyone. Wow, you all are just incredible. We love you and thanks so much for taking the time with all going on to always keep us updated. Love and hugs, Melissa, Brian, Morgan, and Colin

Anonymous said...

Great news- I'm sure as she wakes up it will just fill your hearts with joy! Glad Lindsay is progressing and lots of tubes are being removed- she will be so much more comfortable.

Props to Bill for doing a great job updating the website- we are praying and are so much better informed. Prayers for safety in travel and continued rest/healing.


Sharon and Matt

Unknown said...

We were heading to bed and wanted to check on you all. We are sending big big hugs and lots of love and prayers. And Morgan made a picture for Lindsay and wasn't sure where to send it? To the hospital? Love you all, Melissa

The Gibson Family said...

Thanks for the updates, Bill! Praise God!! I was reminded of the "no room in the inn" and how God had plans that nobody suspected - He's good at that, isn't He?! We're praying for those of you who are traveling and will, of course, continue to pray for your precious Lindsay. We're so glad that Jan will be able to stay, but know it will be hard for you and Zach to leave. Know we've got you covered in prayer. Love to all of you - Julie, Tony and 3 praying kids!!