Monday, December 15, 2008

7 Months

As I sit and write our 7 month blog we have no power. We had a very bad ice storm come through our area on Thursday. We have been without power since Friday sometime. Please be praying that we will get power soon. There are tons of other people who are without and let me tell you it's not fun. Thankfully we do have a generator to give us power.

Wow 7 months have gone by and we find ourselves missing Lindsay more and more. Christmas is fast approaching and I find myself not really getting into the Christmas spirit. I try not to think about Christmas day and somehow hoping that it passes by us. I don't think that will happen and I know that in 10 days we will face this Christmas without our Lindsay Bear. We won't be alone and we will be surrounded by family who will help us get through this time. I keep thinking about the Christmas that Lindsay will get to spend in heaven. To be with Jesus on His birthday and sit at his feet. If only we could have a little window to look through to see what she is doing this Christmas morning. Lindsay will be missed very much by everyone in our family this year. I hope you take time to remember that Christmas isn't about all the decorating, the shopping, the presents, the food, or giving gifts. Christmas is about the birth of Jesus and that is the real reason for the season.

Last month I was going through all the Lindsay basket stuff. I came across the pink pray for Lindsay bracelets and was wondering what we were going to do with them. So I thought about it for a few days and God laid another Lindsay on my heart and mind. Her name is Lindsay Dean and she is another heart baby that we have been keeping up on her blog. God put on my heart that we should send the bracelets to this family to help them out. So we contacted them and they were thrilled to get them. So if you still have your bracelet please remember to pray for Lindsay Dean. We have added her blog to our page. We would encourage you to keep up with her story.

The Lindsay Baskets haven't been made up yet because of everything that has been happening this month. I am hoping once January comes to make them up then and get them delivered. I put one together a few weeks ago and I got so excited to get them started.

In other Groen family news, Baby Groen is doing well. I had a doctor's appointment last week and I was able to hear the heartbeat which was very strong. I am 15 weeks now and starting to feel lots of flutters and movement. On Jan 5 we go for our first ultrasound. We won't be finding out what this little one is because we want to be surprised. Sometime the last week in Jan we will have a fetal echo cardiogram ultrasound. They don't think there is anything wrong with baby but want to check things out. I will let you know on a date.

We hope each and everyone of you has a Blessed Holiday Season with your family and friends. We love each and everyone one of you.


GarretJulie said...

I have been thinking about the Christmas Lindsay will have. It will be amazing for her I'm sure. I love you guys very much and pray for you everyday. I am so excited for Baby Groen. He/She will know of her Big Sister and what an amazing story she left.
I love you and will be praying for you on Christmas!
Love ya lots,
Lindsay Bear~ we will miss you on Christmas... Emma misses you. She found an ornanment on our tree this year that's an angel. She named it Ce-Ce. Makes me cry when she tells you she loves you but it's cute!! She hasn't forgotten who you are and she never will! I love you and miss you lots!

GrannyApple said...

Lindsay, As Granny has been shopping the last few weeks, I have seen so many things that remind me of you. As I hold them in my hand, I so want to hold you in my arms again. Wow, for so many years your Great Nanny wanted so much to be "home" for Christmas and now you and Great Nanny are there together sharing the best Christmas ever. Granny and PopPop are doing okay. PopPop made a CD of hymns just for you. Zach is getting really tall, he will soon be taller than Granny. :) On Christmas day when we all gather together around the tree, there will be a big hole in our hearts, but I know that Jesus will be holding you on that day, as every day, and that we will see you soon. Thanks to Jesus gift of himself we will have many more Christmases together. Love you a bushel and a peck and a hug around the neck.

GarretJulie said...

I got a thought on Mom's comment. How cool it is that Nan and Lindsay get to share Christmas together. She was always the best at Christmas. Even though she was older she always made us believe that she "believed" in Santa Clause. Lindsay gets to have a Christmas with Nan, Be, Mema and Pop-Pop. I don't remember Christmas with Pop-Pop but Lindsay will and that makes me sad. :( But I know one day I will spend eternity with Pop-Pop. Man am I jealous of the Christmas Lindsay gets to have. :)
enough rambling!!

Lisa said...

Every 16th of the month you all come so strongly to mind. I'm grateful that the Lord does that. I am praying for all of you today, and will be throughout the next week or so as Christmas approaches. I can only imagine how difficult this time is for all of you. Know that you are loved, cared for and prayed for every day. I appreciate you and your friendship so much. I look forward to the day when we can meet for that long awaited hug!


Anonymous said...

We love you guys and are praying for you through the holidays. Missing Lindsay as well, but love to see the Christmas shots of her & Tanner! We were looking through pictures the other week & found a bunch from when Lindsay was just a baby & here with our kids... thankful for the memories!
Brian & Donna & the little bits too!

Anonymous said...

Uncle Mark and I too have been thinking of you even more as you face Christmas without our precious Lindsay Bear. As I read Jan and Julie's entries I too think of my mom, your Nan as she gets to spend this Christmas with Lindsay. She loved all her grandchildren so much and she would have gone crazy, especially at this time of the year, with all of the great-grandchildren she has. As precious as our new grandaughter Ainsli is, she is even more precious to us because of Lindsay. We thank God everyday for her and the blessing he has given us.
We love you all very much.
Hugs and Kisses,
Uncle Mark and Aunt Jeanne

Anonymous said...


You and Jon have been on my heart a lot this month... I will life you Jon and Tanner in prayer begging God to give you some kind of normal or sence of fullness this Christmas season.

I have seen your strength and know that God will get you through Christmas morning with many smiles and even laughter. Your Tanner is something else, I just adore his energy (or do I envy it?). He always makes me laugh even when he is being defiant:)

I will remember my dear friends on Christmas morning and you bet I will remember their Lindsay Bear in heaven... together my family will imagine Christmas morning in Heaven.

You're doing great girl, I just love you to bits... you blow me away!

I will pray for Lindsay Dean and remember her as well as Lindsay Bear each time I put on Lindsay's pink bracelet.

Merry Christmas & God bless you Laura, Jon, and Tanner. I love U,
Carrie & Family

The B Family said...

Oh Laura~ What we would give for a glimpse of our girls' Christmas! I can only imagine...and my mind can't comprehend the first of it!
I am praying for you, friend, as we walk this road...hurting and aching for our children this season, but filled with HOPE that only comes from the One who knows them best!
Love to you~ Reecca

The B Family said...

Oh Laura~ What we would give for a glimpse of our girls' Christmas! I can only imagine...and my mind can't comprehend the first of it!
I am praying for you, friend, as we walk this road...hurting and aching for our children this season, but filled with HOPE that only comes from the One who knows them best!
Love to you~ Reecca

Lindsay Dean said...

My wish for you from your generosity to our family is that you recieve extra prayers to help you through this tough time. You now hold and extra special place in our hearts and are forever grateful.
Heart Blessings~