Thursday, October 16, 2008

5 Months and Lindsay's A Big Sister

Well today marks 5 months since Lindsay has been in heaven. We still miss her so much and wish she was here with us all the time. We are learning how to try and get into a normal when some days all we want to do is hold her in our arms. Her story continues to help people who are going through some hard times and we continue to share her story as much as we can. Our family just recently lost a dear friend of ours Mr. Steve. He was a man of God and touched and helped so many lives while he was here on earth. Mr. Steve gave the biggest and the best bear hugs ever and I am sure that when he got to heaven Lindsay was there to get one of his special bear hugs. Please continue to pray for the Deichert family as they go through the new journey in life without Mr. Steve.
The Lindsay baskets are going well. God has been blessing us with lots of items already for them. We are still in need of some more things to fill them up. If you are still interested in helping please send me an email at We haven't put any together yet because we are waiting until we have what we need. I am looking forward to the day when we can deliver them to Boston Children's Hospital. Thank you to those who have already sent us things for the baskets.
We still continue to hear from the nurses and sometimes doctors on 8 south. I would encourage you to still pray for them everyday. Every night when Tanner goes to bed we pray for all the babies and kids as well as the doctors and nurses. Please feel free to keep sending them cards of encouragement.

O.k. now to the other news you have been wondering about. Sometime in June a new baby Groen will be joining our family. We are so excited about a new baby in the family. But we are also scared at the same time that we will either lose this baby or something will be wrong. I keep having to remind myself that God is in total control and that we need to give our fears over to Him. We have been praying for this for a while now and we are so glad that God has given us a little one to take care of. We know that having this baby isn't going to take away the pain of losing Lindsay and that this baby won't ever replace her. But maybe just give us another glimpse of Lindsay and watching he or she grow. Last night Tanner and I had a little talk about this new baby. I asked him if he wanted a brother or a sister. He right away said a baby sister. It was neat to see his eyes light up when he said that to me as well as brought tears to my eyes. I then told him that he needed to pray and ask Jesus if he could have a baby sister. Will you join him in praying for a baby sister? We will be happy with either one of course but I think a sister would be special. He also asked what name we would give the baby and do you know what his answer was, Lindsay :(. Talk about breaking my heart when I heard that but you can tell that he misses her so much. We would covet your prayers over the next 9 months as this baby grows inside of me. I know that Lindsay would be the best big sister ever. Having a sister is the greatest thing in the world. I love my sister more than she knows and I cherish how close we have become over the years now that she has kids to. Julie, I love you and I can't than you enough for all your support, words of encouragement, hugs, and especially letting me adopt Emma like she was my own. I love you!!
God has truly blessed us over these past 5 months. We have learned a lot, cried a lot, and have cherished every minute we had with Lindsay. She will never ever be forgotten and her new sister or brother will know who she is and how special she is.

Lindsay Bear, Mommy, Daddy, and Tanner miss you so much and we hope you are having fun in heaven. We can't wait until we can hold you in our arms again. We love you more than you know!


GarretJulie said...

Oh boy~ you know how to make me cry. :) Being at your house last weekend was so fun but watching Tanner and Emma play made me miss Lindsay! I know that her and Emma would be trouble together. I love you very much too and you are a great big sister! And I am so thankful that Emma loves you so much and loves to call you and talk to you! I thank God for that every day! (She misses you very much and wants to come back to your house :) )
We will be praying for you guys and the baby! Like you said, this baby is already in God's hands so put your faith and trust in him! I know Lindsay would be so excited to be a big sister!!!
I love you and think about Lindsay all the time.

Anonymous said...

Dear Jon & Laura:
After just talking to you on the phone and you telling me the news, I checked the blog. I am so excited to hear the news of a new great niece or nephew coming. That is so wonderful I am so excited for you all. We will be praying for you all and expecially that the Lord will keep "baby" Groen safe and healthy. Megan's wedding will be fun, two pregnant ladies in the wedding. One ready to pop and the other fighting morning sickness. What fun :).
Can't wait to see you all at the wedding in two weeks.
Love you all
Aunt Jeanne

GrannyApple said...

Wow, Laura, you continue to amaze me. God has given you a wonderful gift of words; and the comfort you bring to others even while you are going through rough times yourself. You, Jon and Tanner are so special to me and I love you all very much. I am so glad that this new baby is growing and will continue to pray everyday/hour for he or she. I love that Tanner wants a sister. You, too, prayed for a baby sister and God granted your request. We kept telling you that God might give you a brother and you told me "No, Mommy, I know God wants me to have a sister." Well you were right, and God gave us Julie. I'm so glad you are good friends and cherish each other. Sisters are great and everyone should have one. I have a wonderful sister and know exactly how you feel.
Lindsay bear I miss you so much. I'm glad I got to hold your "bear" this weekend and feel your presence with me. I know you are telling everyone in heaven that you are going to be a big sister; what fun. Wish I could be there, too.
Love, Granny/mom

Anonymous said...

Laura and Jon,
I just hopped onto the blog to pray for you, and WOW! Big news! I will be honored to pray for baby Groen until she arrives. As a mom, I continue to feel your pain, and the tears always flow freely when I read your blogs. Many nights as I rock Tanner to sleep, I feel guilty that I have him. I always hold him just a little longer, knowing that you would give anything for that same opportunity with Lindsay. Thank you for the gift that you are, to me and to all of us.
Love, Jane Perry

Anonymous said...

You definitely always make me cry... we're thinking of you all today & remembering Lindsay & the times we shared with all of you. We continue to pray for comfort on those difficult days. Now, we pray for this new life God has chosen for your family and for God's protection and peace for you through your pregnancy. May this child also be a blessing and be used by God in his/her life. We pray for lots of special moments & memories for your growing family in the days to come! Blessings... we love you!

Donna, Brian, and our little bits

Anonymous said...

Dear Jon,Laura and Tanner...what wonderful won't believe this, but I was thinking of you all today and I prayed that God give you another child when He thought you'd be ready,,,I guess He thought you were ready...when my daughter Lisa(Sheldon) was little we told her I was going to have a baby and all she wanted was a Tina baby..we explained that God gives what He chooses and she said no, a Tina baby...low and behold she got her sister, a Tina baby...I will pray continually for this pregnacy and the health of this new and precious life...may the Lord be with you always...Melanie Vara(Whiting Bible Church)

The B Family said...

Congratulations! Our angels' big brothers are just the most precious guys, aren't they? How sweet...Tanner loves his Lindsay!
We will hold you close in prayer as you continue in the blessing of new life that has been given to you. I am sure there is a beautiful blue eyed girl batting her eyelashes at God and interceding on these prayers for a perfect baby sister or brother!
Love to you~ Rebecca

Jenny said...

Thought of you today and how excited, nervous, anxious, happy.... you must be about the tiny little one who'll be joining us all next year. Josh and I are continuing to pray for all of you and we know that you will be great parents for this new baby! Love and hugs coming your way from down here,
Josh, Jenny & Samuel

Lisa said...

Laura, Jon & Tanner,

Congratulations on this wonderful news! I'm so happy for you!! Knowing it was the 16th, I was praying for you and thinking about you all day. I was so happy to read your post tonight!

I will be praying you through the next 9 months. And, I will also be praying along with Tanner. I had suffered 3 miscarriages in between my kids. One before Noah...and 2 after him. After the last one I thought we were through having children because I was having such a hard time getting pregnant. Noah so wanted a sister. I just kept telling him "you need to ask Jesus". That boy would pray "Dear Jesus, Please give me a girl baby". Noah faithfully prayed for close to 2 years before I got pregnant with Sarah. I will never forget the day that we had the ultrasound to find out if the baby was a boy or a girl. Noah's face lit up when the technician said "it's a girl". He immediately said "Jesus gave me a girl baby!" It still to this day chokes me up.

I will be praying, dear friend. Please keep me posted.


Anonymous said...


Wht wonderful news. Thank you for updating the blog. It is so wonderful to hear from you. The strength you show is amazing and helps me be a better mom. Thanks for everything

Anonymous said...

Well... I'm crying too Julie,

Laura what you wrote is so beautiful and warming to my heart. When you told me about the new baby the other day I almost cryed then well I'm really crying now.

I told Greg, Caleb, & Hannah the good news. Hannah right away said "I hope Miss Laura has a baby girl!" I asked Hannah why and she said "because that way Tanner can have another little sister just like Lindsay!" Laura Hannah's words broke my heart too.

You bet ya that the Terry Family will be praying right along side Tanners prayer.

Jon & Laura,
I am overjoyed for the two of you as is Greg. I know that the new baby will only bring more love, joy, and blessings to your steadly growing family.

I love you to bits Laura,

Anonymous said...

I couldn't be happier for you, it's not possible!
Thanks for sharing your news. I'm praying.
Thanks for your writing, If you didn't sign your name I'd think it was your dad writing (I know it's you) it's just funny how your both express yourselves in the same writing style. Keep it up.
Have you ever considered writing for Victory Call? Do I hear any seconds to that motion?
You are loved and prayed for, enjoy your pregnancy. Can I help give this one it's first bottle too??

Anonymous said...

Happy for you. You have my email so this is just a reminder that I am praying for you.

Praying for a safe and fun trip for you.

Love,hugs & prayers, Miriam

Anonymous said...

The Goodwin Family is praying hard! We are also praying for a little baby girl. Hey, I can pass on some baby stuff, if you want:)
We will never forget Lindsay and we ask Jesus to pass along the hugs and kisses to Lindsay Bear. We are blessed to have your family in our lives.
Love you all,
Goodwin Family~

Anonymous said...

Jon and Laura,
Prayed for you today--along with Tanner--that God would give you an extra measure of His Peace and help you through these days. I am deeply encouraged by how you have chosen to focus on helping others.

In Christ,
David Hodge
Winning With Encouragement