Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Wednesday morning Update #3

We had an opportunity to talk with Dr. Mayer, and compared to where we were last night, the reality of the verse "weeping endures for the night, but joy comes in the morning ..." was very real.

He said that he was very concerned last night, but was amazed at how she has stabalized throughout the night. The bleeding is under control. ECMO will be doing most of the fluid work today, but they want to begin getting her kidneys to function.

The major prayer for today is that they will be able to get the infection in the chest under control and healed. That will make the whole scenario improve drastically, both with the heart and lungs. Once the infection is taken care of, then she will be a better candidate for the Berlin Heart or a transplant.

Laura reported that Jon had incredible peace last night. Jon told Laura that he didn't care if she lost a foot or even her legs as long as he could bring her home and take care of her.

Thanks for your prayers. Now you all have had three updates this morning!


Anonymous said...

Joy does come in the morning as we see improvement and we see how God is at work...on His timetable.

Continuing to hold you all up in prayer.

Bill-your little "Now you all have had three updates this morning!" truly made me chuckle--it sounded so Bill Welte!! Love you. Praying for safe trip to NJ.

As someone said "Just snuggle in His arms today". Be at peace because God IS.

Love, hugs & prayers,

Anonymous said...

Dear Bill et al
I thought about the little girl's learning the 23 Psalm. She said, "The Lord is my shepherd what more could I want!" He is still the all sufficient One.

He carries us when we cannot walk.
He hears us when we cannot talk.
Since He died our sins to atone,
He will never leave us alone.
The one who is most weak
He hears when they cannot speak.
When life is a battle and not a game,
When we can only speak His name,
Still when we can only just believe,
We know that He will never leave!
And when we have the peace we can't understand,
We know that all of this our God has planned.
So hang tightly to His nail-pierced hand
Even when you cannot understand
For He is holding on to you,
And He will bring you safely through,
Till the shadows all flee away
In the light of His eternal day.

Anonymous said...

I read the blog about Lindsay many times during the day and have shed many tears. I praise God that she has improved since her surgery last night. I pray that she will show more improvement today. May God
wrap his arounds around you all and give you the strength you need to get through another day.

Praise his name.
Laurie Landry from DBC

Anonymous said...

Bill, Jan, Laura, Jon,

Our prayers are with you. May you find comfort and peace in the strong arms of Jesus. None of this is a surprise to our God and He is able to do more than we could ever ask or think. Keep your eyes on Jesus!!!

Blessings to all of you!!!
Jim Shields, Twin Pines

Anonymous said...

"Those who trust in the LORD are like Mount Zion, which can NOT be shaken but endures forever. As the mountains surround Jerusalem, so the LORD surrounds his people both now & forevermore." Psalm 125:1-2
Laura & Jon,
I couldn't help but think of you, like Mount Zion holding up in your faith & your incomprehensible(in the human sense) strength. And the mountains are your family and friends and now even those who don't know you personally but are joining the mass to pray for you & Lindsay. We are surrounding you in prayer and comforted by this promise in His word that says HE surrounds his people... now & forever!

Praying for you & Bill's recent posting & requests. Specifically praying for Lindsay & every organ to FUNCTION properly as the Creator designed.
Love, Donna B.

Anonymous said...

First, and foremost, I am pleased to hear that Lindsay improved overnight.

The success of the bypass surgery, the movement of the ECMO cannulas from her chest to her groin, the improvement of the circulation in her leg this morning, and the control of the bleeding- this is all excellent news. Of course, obstacles remain and there are still challenges to face. Not sure where this quote comes from, but it came to mind this morning; "Patience is waiting, not passively waiting, that is laziness. Patience is concentrated strength, to keep going when the going is hard and slow, this is true patience." Jon, Laura, Jan, Bill, and Tanner, continue with your extraordinary patience, faith, and hope.. this road is one of valleys and mountains, one must allow time for the winds and tides of change.


Anonymous said...

....praying with you and for you all. You are teaching those who are watching what it means to walk by faith, not by sight. As well as giving evidence to what it looks like for you all to be in Gods presence...even when...


Anonymous said...

Yesterday before Lindsay went into surgery I imagined all those praying for her standing around her holding hands and lifting her up in prayer. I don't think the hospital floor would be big enough to hold everyone. I still see that image this morning. You have gone through so much the past month and God has given you all strength to get you through the long days and nights. What a witness you are to myself and to others. God is in control. We're praying for continued strength for all of you, healing for little Lindsay, and for God's comfort to be with you throughout the day. LIndsay bear, you are loved by so many. God is with you.

Love, Susie and Steve

Ellen said...

Thanks for the updates - praying still!

Anonymous said...

Lindsay is proving to be quite the little fighter!! Praise God for that!! I am so glad that she is doing better this morning then last night. We will continue to be in prayer for you all. Colby often asks if "God has fixed Lindsay's boo boo in her heart yet?" So he too has been in prayer for "my friend Lindsay"
Love, Dienne, Keith and Colby Howard

Anonymous said...

We're Tim and Kathy Sheetz from Handi*Vangelism Ministries International. We've been reading updates and praying. We have your sweet Lindsay's picture posted in our ministry center where everyone can easily see it and be reminded to pray. We're praying as a staff and the two of us are praying as grandparents of a 25 month old granddaughter. We are hugging you all in our hearts. We're praying that God will STUFF you with His grace.

GarretJulie said...

Laura, Jon and of course my Lindsay girl~
I am so pleased this morning to hear the news about Lindsay! I want you to know that I love you ALL very much and I am so grateful to Brian for taking me with him and for Donna to keep Emma while Garrett was at work! I am so thankful that I could be there with you guys yesterday! Even though it was a rough day I know that God was with us and Lindsay! You don't even know how this experience has changed me and brought me closer to God. I am so thankful that I am apart of Lindsay's life. She is a beautiful girl and I love her with all my heart!
As last night was so rough and I felt discouraged you and Jon just amazed me as to how calm and comforting YOU GUYS were to everyone! Larua~ you are one of my best friends and I cherish the relationship we have. I feel like our WHOLE family (Groen's included) have become so much closer through this! Jon~ I know on the outside you seem strong for the most part and I know you aren't on the inside but please know that I love you very much and you have shown me a side of you I haven't seen before even in your silence.
Our Lindsay is a fighter and she will fight to the end. Our God is an amazing God and I am seeing new things in him because of Lindsay and that I am gratful for!
I love you both very much. I miss you and please give Lindsay a big kiss for me.

Anonymous said...

Dear Jon & Laura,

Once again we want to let you know that you are in our thoughts and prayers continuously. Even though some of the results of the surgery are disapointing, some of the things sound encouraging this morning. God is in control, even though sometimes we would love to know what he is thinking or has planned for our lives. We will pray that God will also give you both continued strength to get through this, and keep trusting in the Lord. Lindsay is in the Lord's loving care, and so are the both of you too.

Our Love and prayers,
Milo and Nancy

Anonymous said...

Just want each one of you to know that we are with you in spirit and heart as we pray the same prayers for a full, beautiful recovery for Lindsay. You are loved and thought of often - thank you all for the personal and thorough updates. love, Del & Gwen, Mike, Jodi & kids

Anonymous said...

I'm checking in from the NICU where I work...can't stop thinking about little Lindsay. Praying for you all..but I've got to get back to MY bundle of premies...Mary Dare

Anonymous said...

I have been sending your daily up dates to all my family and friends that pray my Aunt in TX wanted me to pass on this message for her.

"I don’t know how to get to the blog, but could you let them know there are church members praying for Lindsay in Brownwood, Texas? My 9th grade girls Sunday School class has her on their prayer list and I am updating them weekly about her."

You are all in our thoughts and prayers. <3~Faith

jre said...


Anonymous said...

We are praying for you all. We love you !!

Megan & Richie

Anonymous said...

Great is HIs Faithfulness!! Morning by morning new mercies we see. We continue to pray and wait to see what God will do.

Anonymous said...

Golly Ned, I don't really know what to say, you already know this: We are here, we are praying: for healing and physical strength for Lindsay, for peace and spiritual strength for Jon, Laura, Uncle Warren, Aunt Phyl, Jan, & Bill, for wisdom for the doctors, for knowledge and compassion for the nurses as they care for Lindsay and for patience for everyone as the Lord reveals his plan for Lindsay to us all. Even as prayer warriors accross the globe continually do cry to the Lord in this troubled time, we are quietly reminded that there is much to be thankful for as well.
The fact that this 21st century America; the medical knowledge and technology is available and as the wonderful photo of the family bowed in prayer over Lindsay shows, we are able to publicly display OUR FAITH in the ONE TRUE GOD and know that even if we can't understand fully now, HE is in control and this is part of His plan for Linday.
We're still here, we're still praying.

Anonymous said...

You all continue to be in our prayers. The blog is such a help when people call to find out how Lindsay is doing and how to pray. I can just pull it up and let them know specifically how they can pray. The Lord is with you always.
In His love, Royce

Patricia Spies said...

Just a note to let you know that we are lifting little Lindsay and her precious family up to the Throne of God daily. We have her picture on our refrig door to remind us every morning to pray.
I know the waiting room gets dark and sometimes lonely, BUT God is in the waiting room. God promises are comforting - He's ALWAYS with us. Praying for God to keep you all safe and healthy throughout this jouney with Lindsay.
Love, John & Pat Spies

Anonymous said...

All of my hopes and prayers are with Lindsay and your family. Lindsay's Blog is amazing! Amazing to see the love and support on these pages! We will continue to do absolutely everything we can for her.

Dr. Brown

Anonymous said...

Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not
seen. And we are also told that, if we had faith the mere size of a
mustard seed, that we could tell the mountain to be moved and it would
have to do so. Some people don't believe that you should take the word
of God literally, but I believe that God can not lie. What He says is
so is such, and I will trust and wait on Him.
God is able to do exceedlingly and abundantly above all or anything
that we could ever ask for or think of.
I am believing in God that He will raise little Lindsay up. I believe
that God annointed those doctors' hands as they operated. Doctors can
only say and see what they have been studied and known to be the case.
God sees and knows all.
Love and prayers,

Anonymous said...

praying for you all at this time and looking forward to seeing you tomorrow around 1pm with joy if you'll have us:) lovepam