Monday, April 28, 2008

Monday morning update

Lindsay had a good night and her EKG was better. The plan at the moment is to do another "clean and rinse" this morning and to insert a vent into the heart to help with her pressures. They are getting together the "revascularization" team (hope Donna Bitler is impressed!) to decide when/if they will do the bypass surgery. I will put more pictures on later today for you.


Anonymous said...

Good morning, Lindsay girl - so glad to hear that your infection is waning and that there there's a forward moving agenda for today! Praying for you today, precious girl!

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Bill, for the update and the specifics. Did do a search for revascularization.
Praying now for Lindsay and the team.Praying for all, this is a most important day in all your lives.
Zack you are an uncle with capitals UNCLE ZACK!!! Tanner must be so glad you are there.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the updates Bill & perfect spelling on that big word. We'll be specifically praying for wisdom for the team as they decide what is best for Lindsay's heart!! Love you all & Little Lindsay Bear!
Donna & Brian & kids

Anonymous said...

Before going to church on Sunday morning, I read the latest update on Lindsay. I took Lindsay's picture to church and told Pastor Peter about Lindsay's condition. 1st Baptist Church of Cape May is now praying for her, the family as well as her medical team. God does answer prayer because the blog this morning had much better news.
We love you all.

Anonymous said...

Christ is glorified in your patience lynn

Anonymous said...

Dear Bill, Jan, Lauren, Jon, and Family,

Psalm 91:1-2 says,"He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will abide in the shadow of the Almighty. I will say to the Lord, "My refuge and my fortress, My God, in whom I trust!" and vs. 11 says, 'For He will give His angels charge concerning you, to guard you in all your ways."

I hope you find comfort in His word today as you face another challenge as you stand by Lindsay's side.

My prayers are with you all.

Pam Rankin, CCCA Mid-Atlantic President

Anonymous said...

PTL for this Lindsay's Blog !! We are so thankful for these updates, so we can pray specifically...for Dr. Mayer and all the nurses that are caring for Lindsay...that He will clearly direct their thoughts and decisions today.
We were at a concert at LBC this weekend with Keith & Kristyn Getty (hymnwriters who wrote "In Christ Alone")...and we pray these words for you as you go through this day of anxious thoughts...
In Christ alone my HOPE is found
He is my light, my STRENGTH, my song
This Cornerstone, this SOLID ground
Firm through the fiercest drought & storm
What heights of LOVE, what DEPTHS of PEACE
When fears are STILLED, when strivings cease
Here in the LOVE of Christ I stand!
Love and prayers from the Ziggys :)

Anonymous said...

Rainy day down here on the "farm" today... but all that rain means new growth and new life. I am praying that the storm you are going through will do the same for Lindsay's heart and for your weary soul. Remember, it won't rain always! My heart aches for you guys. Love, Jenny

Anonymous said...

Praying for wisdom for the revascularization team! Love you and lifting you up steadfastly. When I dropped Eva and Luca off for school, I went over and got Luca settled and came back through to say goodbye to Eva. She was sitting at a table for breakfast with her friends but not eating along with them. I asked her what she was doing and she said she was "praying for Lindsay in her heart.":)
I'll be checking the blog for further news. love pam and fam

Anonymous said...

Lindsay is such a beautiful little girl! I pray that God would hold her today in His loving arms and heal her.

David Hodge
Winning With Encouragement

Anonymous said...

We continue to pray for all of you. We pray that God show the doctors a clear path to getting Lindsay on the road to recovery and guide them as they strive to get her well. We also pray for your continued strength and comfort while there. I don't know who gave Lindsay the nickname Lindsaybear but it definitely suits. Our thoughts and prayerrs are with you. May you feel the love and comfort of those that are praying for all of you.

We love you Lindsay!
The Randolphs

Anonymous said...

Hi Laura and family,
Just wanted you to know that I added Lindsay to my cause for walking in the American Heart Association Heart Walk on 5/18 in addition to the memory of my mom. I don't want to pursue donations in support of her as I would rather money go directly to you all for your needs but I wanted to let you know that she is constantly on our hearts:)
I also added it to my facebook profile coveting prayers.
love pam and fam

The "Walkers" said...

Dear Bill, Jan, Zack, Jon & Laura

Thx vm for the updates re Lindsay.
Carolyn and I are praying for her, as much as we can. Lord knows you've all been put through the fire, lately. But just like Daniel's three friends, You'll come through it. Of course, We pray that Lindsay will grow up strong and healthy and like myself, will get a transplant that will help her to do that.

We also have a connection with Dover, NH through our son Gregory. He was born at the Dover Hospital in mid Nov. 1978 We adopted him 4 1/2 months later through Bethany Christian Services- North Haledon< NJ

It's a small world.

Lord bless u all.
George and Carolyn Schaffer

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Anonymous said...

Just want you to know that we are praying for you all, especially for your little Lindsay. You are all on our hearts and minds throughout each day.

Bob and Fay Castillo

Unknown said...

Hello all, I'm just sending some love and support through our prayers, we have really enjoyed praying together as a family for you and we think of you alot. Love you all, Melissa and family

Anonymous said...

Laura & Jon, Aunt Dottie & I have not stopped upholding you to the Lord through all of this. We are very familiar of hospital stays & the long hours in the waiting rooms, etc. Our hearts are with you constantly. And for that precious Lindsy - she is never out of her heavely Father's watchful eye & care. We accompany you in asking the Lord to do things that will "knock the socks off" everyone! Warren, Phyliss, Jan, Bill - our desire is to hug you all, knowing what a grandparent's heart feels like. T^hrough our tears there is always hope, because we & Lindsay - (& Tanner) all belong to Him. And He makes no mistakes. Yes, continue to tell that special hospital team that we are presenting them to God, also. Happy anniversary Jan & Bill - God does love you - & we do too. "Uncle" Jack

Anonymous said...

Folks at First Baptist in Merchantville prayed for Lindsay, along with us...Sunday...God Bless..Pastor Bill and Mary Dare