Friday, October 9, 2009

Lindsay Basket Movie

Click this link to view the video!!


Anonymous said...

WOW!! Thanks for posting the making of the baskets. What desn't show is all the prayers that went into them from those of us who couldn't be there to help!! But I do know those families and all the kids were blessed as those who prepared them were.
God bless you all.
Love, hugs & prayers,

Unknown said...

Laura, what an awesome video!!! Thank you for all the love and hard work you put into each one of those baskets and for all the moms who helped you!!! What a blessing for all of you, for those who received them and for all of us who have been praying!! Continue to think and pray for you and your family!!!

GarretJulie said...

Even though I have seen those pictures I have tear flowing while watching. Just think about that precious little girl who all this is for!!! She is such a special liitle girl and I look forward to the next time you can deliver baskets!!
I love you guys,

Lisa said...

That was awesome to see! Thank you for posting the video. I think of you all so often and pray all is well.

God's richest blessings always!

Anonymous said...

SO much love for Lindsay, her baskets are beautiful--thank you for sharing the video. Praying that the receipients are blessed because of your angel Lindsay.

Much Love & Prayers,