Saturday, May 30, 2009

A Time To Remember

On Thursday May 28, 2009 Jon, Tanner, Dad and Mom Groen and I made a trip to Children's Hospital for a Time To Remember service that they have every year. It's a service that the hospital does and families come who have lost a child over the years. The staff read poems, little stories, as well as sing and provide music. At the end they do a flower service. This is where all the families that are there walk to the front of the auditorium and say who they are there in memory of and place a rose in big vases. This part of the service is beautiful and as I sat there watching all the families come forward I got to thinking that everyone of us there has at some point in time lost a child. I am glad the hospital does this every year and I hope that we can keep going every year. After the service they have a big reception with lots of good food. We were able to see some doctor's and nurses that we haven't seen in a year. One of the nurses came up to us after and thanked us for the baskets. She said that the families that got them were thrilled and so thankful that we thought of there child and them. She also said that while she was on her shift she went through the basket and pulled some stuff out of it and used it right away. When the parents came in the next morning the baby wasn't wrapped in the hospital blanket but the blanket from the basket and the socks. Jon and I were thrilled hearing this. We then decided to head over to the hospital to see one of our other favorite nurses Joanna. We then went over to 8 east to see if nurse Lauren was there. She was there and it was so good to see her again. It was neat to hear her share that she thinks of Lindsay all the time when she is working. We stood with her for a long time talking about Lindsay and I found myself missing her so much more. I think because such a big part of her is still there and that she is still being remembered by people. My hope and prayer is that she will be remembered for years to come and that her life will continue to bless other people's lives.

We also want to thank everyone for all the prayers on May 16. We sure felt them all day long. We had a very nice day at home and being together as a family. We let balloons go at 1:00 and then had a BBQ and ate outside in the warm sunshine. We played games and we planted a few things in memory of Lindsay. My parents and Jon's parents joined us for the day which was nice. I still can't believe that it's only been a year. Some days it feels like this all happened yesterday and some days it feels like more than a year. But not a day goes by that she isn't thought of and missed like crazy. I am sorry that I haven't updated in a while but life here has been really busy. Jon has been busy working and trying to get our master bedroom done before the baby comes. He is almost done and hopefully we will be able to move in soon. We are getting really excited about Baby Groen's arrival especially me :). Please keep praying that he or she will come safely and healthy as well as a safe delivery. Also that this baby will come soon and in enough time that I get to be apart of the walk. Speaking of the walk we have 19 people on our team. We have raised over $3,000.00 so far which is awesome. Hopefully this week I will get the t shirts to a place that will add her picture to our walk shirts. We are all looking forward to June 14 as we get to celebrate Lindsay's birthday as well as give back to such an awesome hospital. Thanks to all of you who have supported our team so far.

Well that about wraps up what has been happening here in NH. We ask that you continue to pray for all the babies and kids on 8 south. I would especially ask you to pray for Shanyah who is on 8 south right now. Her parents have been told there is nothing more they can do for her little heart. They have some big decisions to make soon and they need our prayers. We were able to meet Shanyah's mom the day we delivered the baskets. Keep checking back for updates on Baby Groen's arrival.

If you haven't scrolled down to the bottom in a while we are over 70,000 people who have checked the blog since April of last year!!!


GrannyApple said...

So happy that you got to see some of the nurses and doctors from 8 South and East. Will be glad to see some of them at the walk in a few weeks.
Praying for Baby Groen and you, Laura. I know how hard it is to wait when we want sooo much for the baby to come. Praying for healthy baby and safe delivery for both of you.
Love you all bushels and pecks,

Anonymous said...

Dear Laura, Jon & Tanner:
Glad to read your update and hear how glad the families were with your baskets. What a testimorny you are. We are praying for baby Groen to arrive safely and soon. I know how much you want to participate in the walk, but we all know that God's timing is the best timing.
Love you all very much,
Aunt Jeanne and Uncle Mark

GarretJulie said...

I am so happy that the baskets were such a hit like we knew they would be! I am hoping that one time you deliver them that I could tag along. :)
Looking forward to meeting baby G.. hopefully sometime soon. And I can't wait for the walk. It's crazy that its next weekend.
Love you guys lots,

grammie said...

Hi guys,
Hope I'm finding you all well.
I wanted to invite you to Elijah's new social network.
It is set up to help others find the answers they need. And to find support from other families who've lost an Angel.
In group ANGELS AMONG US-you can add Lindsay's story and pics or anything you'd like to include about Linsay Bear baskets etc. Maybe give some insight to siblings dealing with loss.
Can't wait to see new 'baby Groen' hope all goes smooth.
Love to you all.
The Greggs/Marsh families :)

Lisa said...

Know that I'm always praying for all of you and thinking of you! Can't wait to hear that Baby Groen is here safe and healthy!!