Thursday, March 19, 2009

Lindsay Basket's





Here are some pictures of our MOPS Mom's putting together the Lindsay Basket's. My heart was filled with joy watching each Mom writing notes of encouragement to the families and arranging there baskets. I pray that each family that gets a basket will be blessed in some way. We don't have a date for them to be delivered yet but I will let you know soon.

A huge Thank You to all of you who donated things and sent money for the basket's. We couldn't have done them without your help. My pray is that we will be able to do more basket's again soon.I have more pictures to add so keep checking back.
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GrannyApple said...

What a joy to see all the MOPS moms putting these baskets together. My heart is so grateful to all those who had a part in this endeavor. Laura, I'm so proud of you in getting this project going and seeing it completed. Now I'm hoping to be able to go with you to Boston to help the families that are on 8 South. My prayer is that the Lord will bless these precious babies and families and bring them to the knowledge that Jesus is all they need. Thank you Lindsay for being a part of my life and bringing me such great joy. Love to all,

Anonymous said...

How cool! Neat to be able to see this come to be. I love the heart fabric lined baskets they are perfect. Praying that many lives and families are touched by your ministry! Love ya!
Donna Bitler

Bill Welte said...

Very cool. I am thankful for all the girls that helped. Can you send me their names and I will mail them a CD?

Love you.

Dad Welte

Anonymous said...

"Out of his great love..."
As a kid you,no doubt,sang - "Jesus and other and you,what a wonderful way to spell JOY".
That is what came to mind as I read this entry.
As you are allowing the Lord to walk with you through your valley you were able to reach out to others. Jesus, Others and You - not only you for those working with you and the families you tough at BCH and the ones who send a few dollars and the ones who pray for all - all share the joy that comes from the Lord through the human touch.
Joy even in the valley for the joy giver walks with you.
Much love, LVS

Anonymous said...

Great job Laura and also to your MOPS moms. I know that the families that receive these baskets will be truly blessed. What a great tribute it is to Lindsay. We are proud of you and love you very much.
Aunt Jeanne and Uncle Mark

GarretJulie said...

The pictures look great! These baskets are going to touch so many lives. Laura you are amazing at all the things you are so eager to do to continue Lindsay's story but to also help other families! I love you and I am proud to be your sister and Lindsay's Aunt!
Love ya,

Kristi said...

I just read all this. You are an amazing woman, a wonderful mother, and a shining light in this world. I will keep you, your ministry, and your family in my prayers.

Love, Kristi Hubbard (Hirsch)

Lindsay Dean said...

My heart is so full of joy seeing these photos. What a true testimony of God's will. Love to you always friend~

dannibeth77 said...

That is so great that all of you were able to put them together. I wish I could have been there to help!!!
Danielle Cooley

grammie said...

This is a fabulous thing you are doing. So proud for all of you.

I have recently posted a list of PEDS. Endocrinologists in the southern states on
That post is among many other infomational posts. We are still determined to help people in our area or anywhere to find the resources they need for Digeorge Syndrome babies. After looking high and low there are NO specialist in DiGeorge in or near our area. If there had been, maybe, Elijah would still be here.
If you can, please help pass our info. along. I am still trying to get the foundation for DiGeorge started.

Hope you all have a wonderful EASTER.
With love,
Michelle Greggs