Sunday, May 11, 2008

Sunday Night Update

God blessed Laura with a wonderful Mother's Day. Lindsay's eyes were open several times during the day!!! That was the greatest gift she could have been given.

Lindsay's blood sugars are back in the normal range! Praise the Lord. Her nurse Ann Marie asked that we specifically pray for her to urinate tonight. Last night we asked for output and not only did she urinate well ... well their were many messy diapers. The good news is that helped with the swelling in the stomach and showed that other parts of her body are working! You go ... Lindsay.

Tomorrow a family meeting has been scheduled with all the doctors. Pray that God will lead and guide the team. We are grateful the Lord gave Lindsay another day!

Have a good night.


Anonymous said...

Many times God's blessings are clouded by what we see as adversity. These times are things we would never volunteer for but they are also the times that we discovered how all things do work together for good, that He can do exceedingly abundantly more than we can think or ask and finally that nothing can ever seperate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus.

Praise God for a special Mother's Day.

Allen & Marilyn

Anonymous said...

Praise God for a good Mother's Day, and for all kinds of " output". May you all rest peacefully in the arms of the Almighty tonight! Goodnight sweet Lindsay. Show us some more miracles tomorrow. God is amazing.


Anonymous said...

Thank you God for letting her see her mom. You are always there with all of us. Please heal little Lindsay and let her and her family look back at this time and be grateful for your blessings. For without suffering we would not know about your comfort and love. Thank you for this wonderful family and all of those who are praying for her. In your name Jesus I pray.


Anonymous said...

This truly has been a blessed Mother's Day. Praise God. Many answers to prayer...from open eyes to good output!

Trust you all will have a restful night under His wings.

Love, hugs & prayers,

Anonymous said...

Love to hear it when the Medical staff sends prayer requests (they are in the know). I would lke to thank all the nurses that are Moms for giving up part of their mothers day to care for lindsay and all the ohters. May god bless you richly for being such a servant, for caring for other so much! Thank you and Happy Mother day to you all !!

Anonymous said...

Please know that we are praying all the way from Texas with Lindsay in our hearts. As a mother, I want Laura to know that I am holding her especially up today. May God keep your sweet family in the center of His will. In Christ, Lynn.

Anonymous said...

So happy to hear that Laura was given a blessed Mother's Day. Oh to see her baby's eyes must have been so wonderful to her. God is good all the time...especially through the trials.

Lord, please continue to hold this family in your comforting arms. Please be with them today as they meet with the doctors. Give everyone wisdom and understanding. Please put your healing hands on Lindsay. You are the great physician, Lord. Help her little body, Lord. We thank you for little miracles like opening her eyes and great output. We look forward to see you work through this little angel. Thank you for how you love the Groen family...and...all of us. In Jesus' Name I pray. Amen!

Anonymous said...

we are still praying for all of you. thank you so much to the docs, nurses and techs caring for lindsay. thrilled to hear that lindsay opened her eyes for mom...a blessing for sure. we will continue to pray for the family, as well as the medical team. the roberts family

Anonymous said...

The Lord's ways are not our ways and somehow He has counted you worthy to shine His light in these difficult circumstances. I know that when I look at the biblical record those whom God considered upright and holy people were often put through the severest trial to build them up and to use them. I know that we at times would rather let God pick on someone else but He has counted you worthy and that is awesome. We were blessed yesterday to read all the blogs and again the LORD gets the glory. You guys inspire us to and challenge us. We love you and are praying for great wisdom and strength for your meeting today with the medical team. We are also praying for complete healing for Lindsay. We love you all,
Doug, Ellen and Gabie

Anonymous said...

thank you for Lindsay's progress.
Please continue to give the Dr.'s
and nurses wisdom concerning
Lindsay. Thank you for upholding
Laura, Jon, the Groens and the
Weltes. We know you have this all
in Your Hands Lord. In Jesus' name,

GarretJulie said...

Jon and Laura~
In my devotions this morning I was given a great verse... Mark 9:23
"Jesus said to him, "If you can believe, all things are possible to him who believes."
It talked about faith and waiting on God. Sometimes he makes us pass through many stages before the "victory of faith". When your answer of prayer hasn't come, you are to keep on believing HIS WORD! So as I am, KEEP TRUSTING HIM!!
I pray that today is another great day! Tell Lindsay we love her and kiss her for us!

Anonymous said...

Dear Laura and Jan:
I am so glad that you had a good Mother's Day. Jan, that poem of Mom's still makes we weep, but I know that she is in heaven talking right to her heavenly Father for Lindsay.
Laura I know that you had always said that you hoped some day to have the strong faith of your Nan and you do. You are such a blessing and your strength has given strength to all of us. You are a great Mom and I love you very much.
Love to Lindsay bear, Jon, Tanner and Jan too.
Aunt Jeanne

Anonymous said...

Never have dirty diapers been so joyously received... a very unique mother's day gift! I'm glad I could see you guys and little Lindsay yesterday. I'm praying for more progress for Lindsay and encouragement at today's meeting with the doctors!


Deborah Groen