Saturday, April 19, 2008

Saturday evening update

Laura and Jon met again with the transplant and were given much information to process. The paperwork has been filed to start the search process for a donor heart. Now we wait on God's perfect timing for this provision.

Jan's sister and brother drove to Boston today and their car broke down right off the Mass. Turnpike, and they had to be towed to the garage. They drove in from Lancaster, so needless to say that they were frustrated with the delay.

Jan checked in with them after lunch and Jeanne said that they knew why they broke down when and where they did. Jan assumed it was a mechanical issue that was revealed, however it was another "Wow-God" moments.

While waiting for their car to be fixed, a tow truck brought in another man's vehicle that had also broken down. They engaged in conversation and the man asked where they were from and why they were in Massachusetts. They shared that they were from Lancaster and here to visit their great niece who was facing a heart transplant. He asked what hospital and Lindsay's age.

Turns out this man is from New Hampshire, and has a three year old daughter who had a heart transplant at 22 months, and the surgery was done at Boston Children's Hospital. He told them how pleased they were with all that took place and that things were going to work out for Lindsay. Coincidence? I don't think so.

Pray now that God will provide the RIGHT heart as soon as possible.
Pray that the Lord will open some short-term housing that will be needed after Lindsay has recovered and can leave Children's but cannot travel far.
Pray for on-going peace for Laura and Jon.

Thanks again for praying. We are humbled and amazed at how many people have visited the blog today!!! We love you.

We remain IN HIS GRIP!


Anonymous said...

I have been so encouraged by the various updates. In my own struggle, I pray to God to send godly people across the path of my loved one. It is neat to see this happen in Jan's life today. There are no coincidences with God! It is sad to think that Lindsay's life being saved may depend on someone else dying. But really, that has happened to each believer. Only through the death of an innocent man are we given freedom and new life.

Melanie Lyons

Nana2Six said...

We are praying for you all here in North Carolina! We know that God is able to meet every need you have.

Garey and Susan Ford

Anonymous said...

Thinking of their housing need and care for Tanner. I'll be praying about that. Love Dina

Nana2Six said...

Would the Ronald MacDonald house be an option for temporary housing?

Anonymous said...

Dear Groen & Welte families,

The Heavilins e-mailed us about Lindsay earlier this week. I have been reading Lindsay's Blog and the updates several times a day. I have Lindsay's picture on my PC. You are in our thoughts and prayers constantly. We have spread the word to others that we know. The story today about Jan's sister & husband in meeting the father of a child with successful heart transplant in the same hospital - made me have goosebumps.
God is certainly hearing our prayers!!!
May God be with you all and give you peace.
Lydia & Jack
in Cambria, CA.

Unknown said...

I love those God moments, very cool, we are praying for you and will be putting you all on our church's prayer list tomorrow. Our SS classs has been praying and people at the camp too. We love you all and we'll check in soon. Love, Melissa, Brian,and kids

Anonymous said...

What an encouragement, a meeting on a road, the possibility of such is absolutely mind boggling mathematically without factoring in our mighty God.
Did some searches on heart transplants and was amazed at the number done here in the states and all the good things I read.
Praying for Lindsay and all who touch her and are touched by her.
Love you and yours, Laura and Jon.

Unknown said...

I forgot to tell you that Morgan and Colin have been praying for you guys. Colin told me Lindsay is beautiful :) Love, Melissa

Anonymous said...

"Cast your cares on the Lord & He will sustain you." Psalm 55:22

Dear "family"~
We want you all to know we love you & send hugs and LOTS of prayers from our family to you & Lindsay! Wish we could be there!
We love you all! It's awesome how the community of believers are able to come together & pray for you & it's a huge blessing & encouragement to us to see & read these postings also.

It sums up Psalm 61:1-3 and the past two weeks we've "shared" with you... "Hear our cry, O God; listen to OUR prayer. From the ends of the earth we call to you, we call as our hearts grow faint; lead us to the ROCK that is highter than us. For you have been our refuge a strong tower against the foe."
Love & Prayers~
Brian, Donna, Jesslyn, Julia, Joel & Jeremy Bitler

Anonymous said...

We will be praying for your family during this difficult time. It is wonderful to read the updates on the blog as we pray for you...

Sending our Love from Chicago,
Ryan, Erin, Elise and Will Groen

Anonymous said...

You'd think we'd learn to take things as they come, but I for one don't do it well. The "road" story is such a good reminder. I was thinking of a song that I used to sing with a group of Inter-Varsity kids when I was in college. It is merely a benediction, but it is uplifting.

"The Lord bless you and keep you,
The Lord make His face to shine
upon you,
And give you peace,and give you
The Lord make His face to shine
upon you,
And give you peace. Amen"

We pray that you will have peace about the decisions you are having to make. Kerri and Dana Robinson

Anonymous said...

Dear Groen & Welte Families,

May we all find comfort in the truth that "GOD" works - all things out together for good to them that love Him! God hears us when we call, knows all things and God is working in our every "Yes", "No" or "Wait" answer to prayer! God knows the "why?" and for what purpose the circumstances are in our lives. God is in control! With our whole heart, may we all trust Him and praise Him for who He is, knowing that we are in no greater care than in our Heavenly Father's hands. May God's grace be with each one of you during this very difficult time and may our "Great Physician" place His healing hand upon precious Lindsay.

Praying with you,
Bob & Linda West, NJ

Marilyn Heavilin said...

We have arrived safely in Peculiar, MO and are enjoying being with Matt and family.
Thanks to technical inventions we have been able to keep up with Lindsay all of the way across country.
We are confident that God is using and will continue to use Lindsay's story as a way to bring honor and glory to Him. Praise His name!
Please be assured of our continued prayers that God will meet each need in His perfect time.
In His Mercy,
Glen and Marilyn

Anonymous said...

Thank you Bill for continually posting. The Groens and the Weltes continue to be in our prayers. Little Lindsay you are in God's hands. His Love is great and I'm reaffirmed by God's words that he is watching over you. I will miss seeing your beautiful blue eyes looking back at me in church today. Your blue eyes and smiling face have been imprinted on my heart. Steve and Susie send their love and we're continually praying for all of you.