Monday, April 14, 2008

Monday Morning Update

Lindsay continues to improve. The heart rhythm issue is being controlled by medication which they will increase slightly today. She is still battling diarrhea, so pray that they will be able to get that under control. Thankfully Lindsay is able to drink the unflavored "pedialite."

Keep the prayers and encouragement notes coming! We appreciate them.


Susan M. said...

Glad to hear of the progress that Lindsay has made. Continuing to pray for a speedy and full recovery. Praying for renewed strength, energy, encouragement and peace for all of you.



"If God brings you to it, He will bring you through it."

Anonymous said...

We continue to pray for all of you. Looking forward to everyone getting back to Dover so Lindsay and Tanner can show me their cows. MOOOOOW!!! You're in our thoughts and prayers. God's strength, healing and peace be to all of you.
The Randolph

Anonymous said...

I was working in the yard and thinking how I wished the plants would spring back to the vibrant ones they were but it is a day by day progression.
May you find joy in each sign of recovery, encouragement in knowing so many care and God's peace.
PS checked the hospital website - VERY impressed.

Anonymous said...

Praise God for his Love. His comfort is like no other. Jesus is there with Lindsay holding her hand. She is in my thoughts and prayers. Thank you for all the updates.

Love and God's peace,