Friday, April 18, 2008

Friday Afternoon Update

Lindsay's CT scan came back normal! The EEG came back normal. Her coloring is so much better today. The cath will be sometime between 3-4. They have also done three EKG's and they have all be good. The transplant team is meeting now.

I will let you all know about the results later on this afternoon.


Anonymous said...

Hey Lindsay-

We're praying while they finish up your special heart test and hope you are doing ok with it.

We're praying for your parents and grandparents and aunts and uncles too! This stuff is hard on them too! You are such a sweet girl- we love to look at your cute picture on the website and pray for you.

Lots of love and prayers to you and all of your family-

Uncle Matt and Aunt Sharon and Kelsey and Jared

Anonymous said...

We're glad that the tests have been so encouraging. We're expecting God to work in a mighty way!

Kerri and Dana Robinson

Anonymous said...

WE keep you in our prayers and know GOD looking over you and your family.

The Perra Family (from MOPS)

Anonymous said...

Hey Jon and Laura-

It is fantastic to hear the news about Lindsay's tests. We are praying for you guys and feeling helpless to do anything more. Thanks for keeping us in the know through the blog, i check it many times every day.

We will be praying for you to have confidence in God and His sovereignty in all this. We love you and our hearts ache for you all.

We are also thanking God that Lindsay is able to be in such an amazing hospital and so close to both sides of the family. What a blessing to have the strength and support of family during this time. I can only imagine the added strain if you guys had to sit in the hospital alone day after day. Praise God for His care and provision for you in all this.

THinking of you all often,


Anonymous said...

hi : we are praying for all of you that GOD will work a miricle in Lindsays life so she will be healed completely, and GOD will get the glory

Anonymous said...

PTL for your good news....let's keep it coming....Praying...thanks for keeping us we can pray for each specific detail.. Pastor Bill and Mary Dare

Anonymous said...


So happy to read of Lindsay's normal test results! Our third, Dorie, (not quite 5) saw Lindsay's picture on the blog today and she said "Oh Mommy she is so cute I wish I could give her a hug!" So do I and all the rest of you! We are praying!!

Love, Scott, Jill, Ellie, Elijah,
Dorie and Isaac Brown

Anonymous said...

You are in our thoughts and prayers! May God continue to grant you His peace that passes all understanding,
The Moniz family

Anonymous said...

Hello Sweet Lindsay,
I know you don't know me but I sure feel like I know you!! I have been praying for you and your entire family and checking your blog many times everyday anxious to read any updates your grandfather adds. I have been praying for the doctor's and the nurses as well, that the Lord will give them the wisdom to know what to do for you! Many of my friends here in Doylestown have joined me in praying for a Miracle in your life. We know that God can do exceeding abundanly beyond all that we ask or think!! Thank you Bill for keeping all of us updated!!

With Love and Prayers,

Meadow66 said...

Dear Jon, Laura, Tanner and Lindsay,

It was so great to see you all today. I was so amazed at the care you are being given, Lindsay. The doctors and nurses seem to come into your room non-stop and are so helpful and offer your mom and dad so much information about your care. It was great to hear your mom and dad say that you looked really good today and to hear all the positive test results. It was also great to see how much your big brother loves you! Thanks for leading us through the hospital Tanner!

Jon and Laura I can't tell you how much I was impressed with the care Lindsay is being given. God really has you in an amazing place. I never expected to be able to see Lindsay and talk to her, that was a pleasant surprise. And while all the machines and tubes are intimidating to say the least, I know they are necessary. God's presence was felt throughout my visit with you.

We will continue to pray as a family and I will pray unceasingly for the miracle that God is going to bring into your lives that will have all Lindsay's caregivers in awe of our incredible God.

I went to visit today to encourage you but have been encouraged so much more by you and your family and your beautiful angel, Lindsay Bear!

Love and prayers,

Leah and family

Anonymous said...

Little Lady Lindsay, have been thinking of you and the picture of you sitting in the kitchen cabinet with a bag of chips.
Many men and woman study for years to be able to help people to draw closer to the Lord, to pray from their hearts and to understand what it means to be part of the family of God and to bear one anothers burdens.
You are not yet 2 and your precious life has done these things.
We love you and your family and we are praying for you, for them and for your doctors.
God Bless you Little Lady Lindsay

Anonymous said...


You have been in my prayers all day today. I prayed for each part of your precious little heart, that God would strengthen it all. I also prayed that your CT scan and eeg would be normal. This afternoon, I had a feeling that you were doing better. I am so happy that you had a better day!!

Mary Conway

Anonymous said...

Dear Jon and Laura and all,
Have been praying with you all daily and reminding the children to pray. I check my email for updates even while at work...even sneak into the bathroom sometimes just to check on my cell how Lindsay is doing and how to pray with you! Today, I did pray big and am believing these wonderful test results are just the beginning of what God is going to do in healing her heart!
Love and prayers!